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Have a Non-Guilty Post-Thanksgiving Day

26 Nov

[my sister and I dressed up as Santa’s elves for the Turkey trot]

Welp, Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day with your family and friends, and stuffed yourself as much as I did. I have to say the one thing I love most about Thanksgiving (other than being surrounded with my family for the entire day) is enjoying food I only get to eat once a year. Some of my favorites include my aunt Terry’s broccoli casserole (so cheesy & savory), my dad’s turkey (always perfectly moist & flavorful) and the assortment of desserts (think: massive chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and pumpkin pie galore). Food as good as this only comes by once a year, so you bet your healthy butt I am going to indulge, and indulge I did. 

So don’t you dare feel guilty about eating a pound of mashed potatoes, three servings of grandma’s stuffing and one too many pieces of apple pie. Don’t feel ashamed if you had to unzip your jeans before dinner was over (I wore leggings to avoid that) or change into sweatpants while guests were still over (totally did that). It’s Thanksgiving and it’s one freakin’ day of not eating perfectly, so eat it up- literally. 

If you’re like me, you eat healthy, nutritious and clean 98% of the time, so you deserve a little wiggle room for days such as this. Along with Thanksgiving comes birthdays, terrible breakups, Christmas, summer BBQs, and bad days. It’s healthy and normal to eat a little bit unhealthy or non-perfect at times. We are only human after all! So save the guilt and go out and shop your little heart away this Black Friday – you’ll burn calories and find something else to feel guilty about (i.e. those $200 pair of shoes). But either way, you deserve it!

What were your favorite indulgences yesterday? 

Have a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

25 Nov

Hump Day Lesson of the Day

24 Nov

Ladies, I am serious with this one so listen up. Last week, my roommate had to make a turkey for a work party, but she had the slightest idea how, so she asked roommate #2 to do all the work for her. Well all the sudden 2 a.m. rolls around (the time the turkey was supposed to be taken out of the oven) and I hear a bunch of Shit, Fu*k, Shit!s coming from the kitchen. I figured the turkey fell or got a little burnt, but then it happened. The fire alarm started going off and this heinous horn like sound followed shortly after. Indeed, we had set off the entire building’s alarm. I opened my door and couldn’t even see because our apartment was so smoky. Apparently, the grease had overflowed the pan getting into the oven, starting a mini fire and then smoking up our pint-sized apartment. 

Soon enough, the fire trucks were on their way. The best part? Five macho firemen come busting through our apartment doors expecting to save the day and come to the rescue…axes and gear in hand. Little did they know there was no fire at all, just a bunch of confused, clueless girls and a whole lot o’ smoke. The big head chief simply walked over to our oven, opened it up and said “Yup, call maintenance.” 

Unfortunately maintenance never did come, but we used our smart little brains to turn off the buzzer ourselves. We still question why no one evacuated or came to check on us. I guess in the case of a real fire we’d all have been dead? Yeesh. So yes, I suggest you cook your turkeys with caution this Thanksgiving. And happy cookin’! 

Stay tuned for a special Hump Day post from one of my favorite bloggers/relationship columnist : ) 

I am Thankful For…

23 Nov


Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people on Facebook doing an “I am thankful” countdown of sorts. I’ve been amazed and touched by how creative and inspiring people are getting with these things. Therefore, I’ve decided to dedicate a post for myself on things I am thankful for in my life. I thought it was only fitting that Thanksgiving is just two days away, and it’s been one of the only things on my mind for the past month. I guess you could say I am in the Thanksgiving mode, and have decided to treat my neighbor for lunch today because of it. He’s one of the millions of things (er, people) I am thankful for and I think it’s nice to give back sometimes and give a little “thank you” of my own. So here goes…

I am thankful for…

1. My wonderful friends who live all over the place (as far as Virginia) and the fact that whenever I see them it’s like old times again…like time hasn’t even passed.

2. My goofy, caring, and sometimes crazy family for loving me for me, and being there for support no matter what. 

3. Peanut butter, and the fact that I can put it on top of anything and it still tastes just as delicious. 

4. My tiny waist that allows me to wear form-fitting dresses, halters & spaghetti strap tanks. 

5. The practice of yoga and how it gives me a sense of balance, energy and serenity every time I do it. 

6. My curvy body which I used to hate and am now learning to embrace. Hey, we may as well rock the body we were given.

7. My ability and talent to write and keep up with it, especially in my “Healthy Chicks” blog. 

8. My lovely readers (you guys) who come back day after day and leave inspiring comments and wonderful advice. 

9. All of my guy friends, who let me in on the minds of dudes so that I can greater understand the other species. 

10. All the kind-hearted people out there, like the nice gentleman at Trader Joe’s who gave me a discount on my coffee and the old woman I met at the Laundromat the other day who struck up a conversation with me while waiting for our clothes to dry. 

11. Having the guts to talk to strangers and share my emotions with people…even if I can be overly chatty and honest. 

12. My dad’s silly text messages and pictures that make me crack up with laughter every single day. 

13. My sister Krista because she’s the only sister I’ve got and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

14. My mom’s silly notes and packages she sends me that can bring a smile to my face even when I’m having one of “those days.”

15. My new-found love for running…and that high I get after mile 3. 

16. My daily coffee and the way it greets me every day so I can be perky, energized & smiley in the morning. 

17. The wonderful people I “meet” through Twitter, blogging & the entire social community like my absolute favorite blogger rock star Rachel Wilkerson. (Seriously, check her out if you haven’t yet, she’s freakin’ hilarious) 

18. Food of all kinds and all flavors and my ability to enjoy every single bite, instead of fear it like I once did. 

19. Warm winter scarves, boots, fuzzy blankets & slippers. 

20. Hot tea after a long, stressful day. 

21. People who are happy and love life (and show it). There aren’t enough of them. 

22. Love, and finding it at the least expected of times…all around. 

23. Whoever invented sushi, especially the Spicy Tuna roll. 

24. Everyone in my life, as you have made an impact on me somehow. 

25. Home cooked meals and clean sheets waiting for me every time I go home.

Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner…

18 Nov


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but let’s be honest: I’ve been thinking about it since early October, and I’m already thinking about Christmas. Hey, it’s the malls fault for being all decorated and pretty with lights and Christmas trees. But when it’s all said and done, Thanksgiving is and always has been my absolute favorite holiday. The delicious smells, the wonderful feeling of family and the fact that I go into a turkey coma every year (no matter how much I tell myself to slow down) is all part of the joy of Thanksgiving. 

But even though I almost always have to unbutton my pants come dessert, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try to keep my Thanksgiving just a bit healthier. After all, I’m not trying to gain 10 pounds in one sitting and feel like absolute crap the next day. That would be doing my body no good. So this year in particular, I’m working on adding a little extra healthy oomph to my favorite holiday, and that I will share with you…

#1 I’m running my first ever Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day: I’ll be running the 5-mile Manchester Road Race, but these types of Turkey Trots are all over the place, so I suggest you sign up to0! They are fun, packed with people and it takes the edge of the actual running part of it. To make it even more exciting, my sister and I are dressing up as elves with green tights, elf hats and all! To prep for the race, I’ve been running 3 miles a day with Core Fusion Body Sculpt twice a week, so it’s keeping me in shape before Turkey Day as well. 

#2 I’ll be making a side dish that actually tastes good: Last year I tried to go all, “healthy, healthy” on everyone and ended up making the most disgusting side dishes…ever. My family of course ate them to be nice, but even I could see they had little to no flavor. My gluten free stuffing I tried to invent tasted like dog food. It was that bad. This year, I’m going to concentrate on making wholesome, nutritious food instead of low-cal, “healthy” crap. I’m definitely going to trim down the classic sweet potato pie that everyone knows and loves, and am definitely going to dabble in concocting some gluten free savory cupcakes from the BabyCakes Cookbook I got last year as a gift. Red Velvet cupcakes [see above] are at the top of my list to try this year! 

#3 Or Fake it if you can’t bake it: Not everyone loves to cook, and there is no shame in that. Lots of places allow you to pre-order Thanksgiving sides and desserts so you don’t have to touch a pan. For instance, Healthy Habits Kitchen in Wellesley, MA is running an “Everything But the Turkey” Package, which includes 3 appetizers, 3 side dishes and 2 desserts. How’s that for easy and efficient? Pick ‘n’ choose between tasty apps like Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomato & Olive Spread, Spinach & Feta Triangles and Pumpkin Chipotle Hummus. Side dishes include a Butternut Squash Casserole, Parmesan Mashed Potatoes, and Traditional Stuffing. Oh, and you can’t forget dessert, with favorites like Chocolate Bark and Gingerbread Spiked Pumpkin Pie. View their full menu here. Small servings for 4 cost $59 and full servings for 8 is $99, extremely affordable in my book for the amount of food you’re getting. 

#4 Eat Slowly: Sometimes I forget that the food is not going to fly away on me. I think we all could use a few deep breaths and short breaks throughout the feast. Enjoy your food, chat with aunt Sally who you haven’t seen all year and savor every bite. This meal only comes once a year, after all. Why rush it? 

What are your healthy Turkey Day tips? 

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