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Quotable Sunday & Happy Holidays!

26 Dec

Happy Holidays everyone. Hope your weekend was full of cheer, tasty eats, good drinks and most importantly lots of laughs. Speaking of laughs, our family definitely shared many of those this weekend. If our family can do two things right it’s eating and laughing, and I think laughter is just so important to have in a family/a relationship / a friendship and any or all parts of life. Hence, I thought this quote was only fitting. Enjoy!

I’m Back & Quotable Sunday

19 Dec

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been MIA since Tuesday morning. I must say, it was for good reason however. I was busy road trippin’ down to Florida and getting lost at Disney World…you know the place where all your dreams come true. I must say, it has been quite a fun week of singing loudly in the car, wining and dining, and running around going on every ride like a little kid (yes, even It’s a Small World). But while I had one of the best weekends of all time, I am happy to be back to Boston and blogging for you all. Anywho, for this Quotable Sunday I thought it was only fitting to feature a quote from one of the many classic Disney movies…Cinderella. 

Quotable Sunday: Words of Wisdom From Buddy the Elf

5 Dec

Quotable Sunday

21 Nov

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