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What’s on My…iPod, workout schedule, mind?

3 Dec

Happy Friday fellow healthy chicks, and hooray for the glorious weekend ahead! Since it’s Friday and I know you’re all just itching to get out of work and get your hands on a martini, I’ll keep this post short ‘n’ sweet. Today we’re going to play a little game over at Healthy Chicks so that you all can get to know me better, and I too can hopefully get to know YOU better along the way. 

What’s on My…? 

iPod: Newly downloaded songs= Katy Perry’s “Firework” (totally motivating and great for an energy boost, plus she totally rocked it at the VS Fashion Show), One Republic’s “Secrets” (also gets me going in the morning along with my coffee), Paramore’s “The Only Exception” (how can you not love this song?), Sad Brad Smith’s “Help Yourself” (have been obsessed since watching the movie “Up in the Air“), George Harrison’s “What is Life” (an oldie but a goodie).

Refrigerator Shelves: Honestly, I’m embarrassed ’cause there isn’t much right now- definitely time to hit up Trader Joe’s. Currently I have eggs (I heart making egg white omelets), a bunch of veggies (including spinach, cucumber, carrots and zucchini), marinara sauce (leftover from when I made “Spaghetti (squash) & Meatballs”, light string cheese, fresh mozzarella cheese (I’m a sucker for the real thing), apples, an orange and brown rice wraps. 

Workout Sched: This afternoon I’m going for a 2ish mile run with my best friend (she’s running her first 5K in a couple of weeks, yay her!) followed by some Core Fusion Body Sculpt in the apartment. I’m going to try to squeeze in a long run this weekend (5 to 6 miles I hope) as well as some yoga/weights at the gym!

To-Do List: It’s a little scary, but it includes interviewing a salon owner for my PT job, buy Christmas presents for mom, dad, sister, friends, etc., edit recipe book & place orders [will probably order 50 to 100 and sell holiday specials], buy a scarf for a special girl who deserves it, pit-stop to Sephora for some makeup, pit stop at CVS for all the essentials, browse Victoria’s Secret for Christmas goodies, grocery shopping, buy mini things for Florida trip so I won’t have to check my bag (gotta follow the 3.4 oz. rule), and the list goes on and on…

Mind: “I can’t wait for Florida…”, “What’s for lunch?…”, “Wow, that dude next to me has crazy hair…”, “This cappuccino is delish…”, “Seriously, what do you get dads for Christmas?…”

Lips: Vaseline (so good for winter chapped lips) & Bath and Body Works’ “My Favorite Lip Balm” with shea butter and almond oil. (It really is my favorite lip balm-I swear by this stuff)

Cool Bookmarked Pages: Hallmarkcontests.com, OMG Facts, PostSecret, Etsy

Calendar next two weeks: Comedy show, Sunday Funday with my friend Megan, a few meetings, two work holiday parties, Ugly Sweater Party (debating whether to go or not), 4 day road trip to Florida, 5K Jingle Run!

If you have the time, fill in the blanks on some of the above questions…I’d love to learn more about you too!! 

Impatience is Not Pretty

27 Sep


This morning a side of me I don’t like came out: impatience. Blah. Impatience. It’s both unnecessary and unhealthy. It even sounds unhealthy. I would say in the grand scheme of life I’m a pretty patient girl, but this morning I was far from patient, and I don’t like to be that way. I don’t know if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or what, but something was up. It may have been the fact that my mother woke me up at 7:30 a.m. and tried to have a conversation with me while I was half asleep (sorry mom, it wasn’t really me). Anyway, my not-so-patient mood increased when I was informed that UPS was indeed not going to redeliver my package I missed on Saturday, and that I had to go pick it up. Grrr, I don’t have a car. They expect me to walk? Why can’t they just bring it to me? (impatience getting the best of me in my head. They are busy too. I’m not entitled for royal treatment). 

Once I realized that I was not going to win this battle and that the package was not going to come to me from the sky, I put on some yoga pants, grabbed my umbrella and hiked about 2 miles to the post office in the rain. Usually when I go on long walks, I’m cheery and happy, but today I was not having it. I nearly knocked over these poor innocent people because they were “walking too slow.” Speed it up. I have places to be! (In reality, I didn’t. Why couldn’t I just slowww it down and take a deep breath? The package will be there in 5 minutes and in 55 minutes…no need to rush Rach). Once I finally got to the post office, there were two women working, and I was next in line but they acted like I wasn’t there. Suddenly, I started getting all jittery, like one of those rude people who look at their watch every minute or roll their eyes in long lines at the grocery store. Helloooo! Aren’t you going to help me? Hurry up already. (Yeesh, who was this bitchy girl speaking in my head? I can wait 2 minutes. It’s not the end of the world). 

Once I finally signed for the package and the debacle was finally over, I headed to the cozy cafe next door for some blogging, time for myself and most importantly: coffee. Once I took the first sip of my large iced coffee with soy, I forget about my hectic morning and everything was OK (I tell ya the power of caffeine). That’s when I realized how silly and crazy I was being all morning. My mom was just calling to say hello. UPS was only doing their job. The post office people were busy. I was being an impatient psycho. 

It got me thinking about how much better the day goes by when you act patiently, when you live patiently. That’s why I’m going to start doing more yoga, taking more deep breaths and simply realizing it’s all going to be OK and my “problems” really aren’t anything but trivial in the grand scheme of things. To think what other people are going through in life (and have gone through in life) and I’m going to complain about a long line? Pathetic. But at the same time, sometimes you can’t stop that impatient bug from getting to you. 

Next time I get this way, I’m going to close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and try to see the bigger picture. I encourage you all to do the same, and maybe a few vinyassa flows and a childs pose or two. Hey, it can’t hurt. 

Do you ever get impatient over trivial things? What do you do to “snap out of it?” 

Friday Shenanigans: What’s On My Mind

3 Sep

Today was a pretty random day, hence making for a pretty random blog post. I started my day off amazingly with a nice 3-mile run in the sun with my best friend, followed by an even more amazing breakfast that consisted of an egg white omelet with veggies and feta and two pieces of Ezekiel toast (I guess it was more like brunch since we ate at 11 a.m.) Anyway, I then threw on my cute, new sundress for a meeting at Panera, only to be graced by rain later this afternoon. (Go away Earl!) Now I’m sitting here on my couch half-soaked, hair a mess but still ready to write, write, write. Random, I know. Alas, five random thoughts on my mind this lovely, rainy Friday evening…

1. People Watching : Seriously, I think this is one of my favorite hobbies of all time. This afternoon I went to a cafe, ordered a large iced coffee, then parked myself on a window-side stool facing the busy streets of Boston. I not only got to write and enjoy my deliciously perfect coffee, but I also got to observe hundreds of interesting people walking by. From construction workers who stared at me through the windows and adorable elderly couples to families sprinting to get away from the rain (quite amusing) to little girls dressed in cute Little Mermaid outfits, I got a little glimpse of everything. I always find it interesting to observe other people’s habits, styles and conversations. Call me weird or a stalker, but I’m telling you it’s so much fun, especially when you’re writing and need some extra inspiration!

2. Vodka:I know, I know…I call myself a “Healthy Chick” but even us healthy chicks have to treat ourselves to a good drink once in a while. And this has been quite a long, stressful, hectic week so I think I deserve a drink…or three. Since I don’t drink beer (I’m weird and think it tastes like stale bread), I am planning on making some Vodka seltzers tonight (with maybe a splash of Crystal Light) to enjoy with friends before we head out to face the rain. Earl, you are not stopping us from having fun!

3. Dinner-In: Last week, I went out to dinner with my family nearly every night. Of course each meal was delicious, but my single, budgeting city-gal self couldn’t handle the HUMUNGOUS portions. Of course I cleared my plate most of the nights because hey, I’m going to take advantage of free food while I could. But, this week I’ve never been so happy to cook single portions at home for myself. I’ve had some delicious dinners this week, including fresh salads, vegetable stir-fry, and a yummy Thai-style Lime Rice with tofu (you have to take a peak!) What’s on the plate tonight? Homemade turkey burger topped with sauteed onions, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. YUM! 

4. Boys: Honestly, is the entire city of Boston taken, married or just plain un-datable? Really, I could use a date or two…While I may have it together with health and fitness, dating may just not be my forte…Guess “it will happen when you’re not looking for it.” (I’ve been hearing that since I was 15.)

5. My Recipe Book: As some of you know, I’m in the process of publishing my very own healthy recipe book, filled with simple, nutritious dishes to make from home. Anyway, I put a lot of thought into it today and am so excited to get this baby going (still have some tweaks to figure out). Be sure to stay tuned for updates on this exciting project of mine!


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