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Great News on the Healthy Chicks Front: The Books Have Arrived!

24 Dec

Happy Christmas Eve all! Besides the fact that this Christmas season has already brought me much joy  (a boy I’m dating whom I kinda sorta really like, wonderful family reunions, SNOW, sisterly chats, more SNOW, and tasty eats, it’s also brought me a very special package that arrived just in time. What is this mystery package, you ask? Why, it was a big, big cardboard box filled with 25 of my very own “Healthy Chicks in the Kitchen” recipe books. 

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working on these recipe books for some time now – from writing the intro and table of contents to coming up with fun titles and descriptions of each recipe. Oh, and I’ve also been busy cooking…gotta test ’em out, right?

Anyway, they finally came in the mail late Wednesday night, and after my mom and I ripped open the package, stared at the front cover, and flipped through the book (multiple times), I think it was safe to say I was oozing with happiness. I couldn’t – and still can’t – believe that I designed these babies all by myself, I came up with every single recipe in the book (all 64) and I was on the front cover. Me. With my full name. WOW. Now that’s a good feeling you can’t just get from anything. 

Naturally, my mom wanted to take some to work to sell for her daughter (she owns a pretty sweet hair salon), so she laid them out nicely in a big pretty basket with tissue paper to take with her to work yesterday. I signed them of course so they’d have that personal touch… What I didn’t realize was that by the time I came to visit her yesterday evening, she would have already sold SEVEN of them. How neat? Seven people have my recipe book on their kitchen counters as we speak. I’m getting chills just thinking about it. 

Well, just thought I’d give you a little update on the Healthy Chick front before things get crazy with the family/the food/the presents/and the additional food. Happy holidays to all. I wish you all a warm, healthy, happy, merry Christmas : ) 


Happy Hump Day: 10 Awkward Things to Avoid This Holiday

22 Dec


As much as we try to be perfect, pretty ‘n’ elegant most of the time, many of us have an awkward side…at least a little one. And some of us (including myself) have a higher percentage of awkwardness, though I’ve learned the only way to get through it is to laugh it off. If I didn’t know how to laugh things off, I’d be permanently blushing (or hiding away in my apartment). But for the most part we try to avoid awkward situations…so here are 10 things to try to stay away from this holiday season. Oh, and Happy Hump Day!

1. Going in for the kiss when the receiver was definitely just going in for the hug – makes for awkward movements all around, so be sure to survey the scene carefully before you make false judgements

2. Slipping on your ass in the middle of the sidewalk, or better yet in the middle of the street due to icy conditions & the fact that you wore high-heels ’cause you’d rather look sexy than be comfy and safe (done this many-a-time) 

3. Clogging your boyfriend’s parents’ toilet…the very first time you meet them (not a good first impression) – attempt to de-clog yourself before you call for help 

4. Throwing up on your date (I almost did this the other night though I held it in until I got home- funny thing was I wasn’t even drinking…it was just some random bug-yeesh)

5. The ever-so-awkward overly-enthusiastic “I loveeee it!” after you receive a present you absolutely HATE…at least act a little natural for goodness sake. No one gets that excited about an ugly sweater from Aunt Sue. 

6. Getting so used to saying “I love you” to the fam that you end up accidentally throwing it out there to the mailman, the plumber or your taxi-driver. (oops) 

7. Sending an overly mushy, gooshy, lovey-dovey email meant for your boyfriend/husband/lover to your boss

8. Getting a huge chunk of spinch stuck in your tooth during the first date with your new crush…and not realizing it until you get home to take off your makeup 

9. Accidentally drinking too much red wine and saying way too much…way too fast…way too soon 

10. Running into all your past enemies/exes/etc. at the local pub while everyone’s home for Christmas and having to make the same old small talk you do every other year 

7 Healthy Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit (& Burn Some Cals)

9 Dec

The other day, I went to the Prudential Center to tackle some Christmas shopping. When I came out with nothing but some makeup for myself and a couple trinkets for my family, I was a little bummed. Of course, I was happy with my new Sephora goodies, but for all the efforts I went through in the mall, you’d think I’d at least get to cross off half of my Christmas list. Yes, I said efforts…my trip to the mall was more of a workout than a shopping spree. From dodging moms with strollers to running around like a mad woman (I was sweating after just 20 minutes of shopping), my annual Christmas shopping felt like 60 minutes on the treadmill. “Welp, guess I don’t have to work out today,” I said joking to a friend. But really, maybe I was right. With a little research and a little help from Health Discovery’s calorie calculator, I learned that many of our holiday activities are actually burning lotsa calories. So what I’m sayin’ is if you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen all day baking double-fudge brownies, skip that cardio and do a little butt toning instead ; ). Alas, here are 7 ways to burn the cals* big-time this holiday season, while having a bangin’ time while you’re at it! 

*all calculations are for an average, 150-pound woman 

1. Lend your hubby a hand with the snow shoveling for once. He’ll appreciate it so much & then you have an excuse to down some hot cocoa after when your hands are numb. > 30 min, 216 calories burned 

2. Veg out with a holiday classic like Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday or The Grinch. We even burn calories resting, ladies! >90 minutes, 102 calories* burned (*Note, our bodies are always burning – even when doing nothing – so each additional activity only burns MORE! Neat, huh?)

3. Clean the house for this weekend’s holiday shindig. Blast Christmas tunes & light wintery candles to make the time fly by faster. >60 minutes, 252 calories burned 

4. Grab your best friend, bundle up in your cutest holiday gear, and go ice-skating > 45 minutes, 378 calories burned 

5. Brace the streets or the mall for your annual holiday shopping spree. Warning, wear layers so you can take them off as the time goes by…it gets HOT in there! > 2 hours of moderate walking, 576 calories burned 

6. Head North & hit up the slopes for a skip trip with the entire family! There’s nothing that gets me in the holiday spirits than a good ol’ escape to the mountains! >2 hours downhill skiing, 864 calories burned (cross-country comes in at a whopping 1,152!) 

7. Let’s Get it on…to Christmas tunes, under the mistletoe or by the Christmas tree, perhaps? >45 minutes, 81 calories burned (and that’s at a moderate level, ladies!) 

Happy holidays all! 

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