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5 Things to do Right Now!

16 Oct

1. Throw on a cute fall outfit:tights+boots+fall skirt+scarf=my go-to trendy fall outfit. It makes me feel fall-esque and that I love. 

2. Go buy your most favorite coffee or tea from your fave coffee shop (or have your dad buy it): My dad bought me a black pumpkin spice coffee and I added in my own chocolate soy milk to make it the perfect fall drink. Buy your perfect drink! 

3. Light a yummy fall/winter-y candle: Light up that Jack Frost candle you’ve been saving for winter, or a yummy pumpkin or apple pie scent. Your house will smell of happiness in a few minutes. 

4. Go for a long walk/run sans music: I went for a 40-minute walk this morning, and although it was a little chilly for my liking, I loved being by myself with no iPod, simply soaking up the fall scenery. Gotta love foliage!

5. Search for festivals in your area: This post is extra-short ’cause we’re about to go to the APPLE FESTIVAL! It’s an annual festival in the neighborhood I grew up in, with anything and everything fall! They’ll have apples, pumpkin butter, kettle corn, crafts and music. Sorry to cut you short but off I go : )


TGIF: 5 Things I’m Pumped About!

1 Oct

1. I’m leaving in FIVE minutes to take a Power Yoga class at the gym. I haven’t taken yoga in a gym-setting in ages so this makes me super giddy. Power Yoga is especially exciting, because it’s a fitness based yoga, with emphasis on strength and flexibility while holding challenging poses. I love challenging my body!

2. The yummy gluten free waffles from Trader Joe’s that I just had for breakfast…topped with agave and Smart Balance Butter…with a little Teddie’s PB on the side. Do I even need to explain this one? I was in heaven. Oh and I paired it with cinnamon hazelnut coffee with vanilla soy. YUM!

3. I’m going to see The Social Network tonight with my roommates. I’m not only excited to see the move, but I’m thrilled for a night of relaxation & non-drinking. 

4. Boston Local Food Festival is finally here…TOMORROW! I can’t wait to volunteer and then spend the day tasting delicious, local food! A plus? It’s supposed to be a crisp 66 degrees and sunny tomorrow : ) 

5. I’ve been focusing lately on strength training and I’m feeling wonderful. Yes, strength training is possible to do WITHOUT a gym ladies! The other day I did a 30-minute On Demand Jillian Michael’s workout and last night I did 45 minutes of weights, lunges, squats, sit ups and push ups in my room. I was sweating more than I do from an hour on the elliptical machine. That’s saying something!

Labor Day Fun

6 Sep

Happy Labor Day to all of you Healthy Chicks out there! Hope you are all having a wonderful day, whether you are out getting your last drop of white clothing in (which frankly I don’t believe in), chugging beers, or BBQ-ing away. Whatever you choose to do, it’s your day off to do whatever you so please! Gosh, don’t you just looooveee days off? 

Anyway, while back in college I’d probably be chugging boxed wine out of the bag and running around in the sun, this Labor Day I took as a personal day and did everything I wanted to do (ya gotta be selfish sometimes). 

I started my day cleaning and organizing the kitchen. It was way overdue. When you can’t find your favorite coffee flavor, and it takes 10 minutes to dig up the Cuisinart, you know you have a problem. Alas, the problem is fixed due to my master organization skills. 

Once the kitchen was sparkly clean, I made a delicious breakfast: an egg white omelet with mushrooms, spinach, onion, tomato and fresh mozzarella cheese with a side of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel toast (mmm mmm good). Oh I also brewed two cups of fresh coffee with my new cinnamon hazelnut blend. 

After breakfast, I put on a cute workout outfit and headed out with my roommate for an hour-long walk to the local reservoir. Sure, I didn’t run five miles today nor kick butt at the gym, but it felt amazing to walk briskly through the fresh air and simply take the day in. It was incredible how many people were outside today (I don’t blame ’em). It’s absolutely gorgeous out!

After my delicious lunch (fresh greens with avocado, spinach, and feta cheese drizzled in lemon and olive oil), I showered up (definitely worked up a sweat on our walk)!

After a bit of writing, I’m now off to visit my friend who recently moved to the North End, when she used to be a two-minute walk away. While I’m sad she’s not my neighbor anymore, I’m so excited to see her new place, and enjoy some good vino and cheese! 

I must say, my day has surely been productive, healthy and enjoyable. Off I go! Hope all of you are having a wonderful day off. Feel free to share what you did today (or plan to do this evening).

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