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5 Things to do Right Now!

16 Oct

1. Throw on a cute fall outfit:tights+boots+fall skirt+scarf=my go-to trendy fall outfit. It makes me feel fall-esque and that I love. 

2. Go buy your most favorite coffee or tea from your fave coffee shop (or have your dad buy it): My dad bought me a black pumpkin spice coffee and I added in my own chocolate soy milk to make it the perfect fall drink. Buy your perfect drink! 

3. Light a yummy fall/winter-y candle: Light up that Jack Frost candle you’ve been saving for winter, or a yummy pumpkin or apple pie scent. Your house will smell of happiness in a few minutes. 

4. Go for a long walk/run sans music: I went for a 40-minute walk this morning, and although it was a little chilly for my liking, I loved being by myself with no iPod, simply soaking up the fall scenery. Gotta love foliage!

5. Search for festivals in your area: This post is extra-short ’cause we’re about to go to the APPLE FESTIVAL! It’s an annual festival in the neighborhood I grew up in, with anything and everything fall! They’ll have apples, pumpkin butter, kettle corn, crafts and music. Sorry to cut you short but off I go : )



Happy National Coffee Day: Embrace Your Coffee Addiction!

29 Sep


Happy National Coffee Day! Yes, today is indeed a day devoted to the drink we all know and love–the one that cures a bad hangover, gets us out of bed in the morning, and gives you that afternoon kick when you’re having one of those days at work! Why yes, it’s a day dedicated to coffee. Ahhh…coffee. Just the sound of it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s funny because when I was a little kid I used to yell at my dad when he drank coffee; I thought that it was some kind of terrible drug or poisonous substance like-god for bid-beer. What was I thinking? 

Now, a decade or so later, I am the absolute coffee queen. I love everything about it. I love it hot, I love it iced, I love it creamy with soy milk and I love it black when I need extra energy. It got me through college exams, lazy days at work and afternoon slumps. It’s there for me no matter what, through thick and thin, whether I make it at home with my high-tech coffee-maker, grab it on the go at Starbucks or DD, or sit and enjoy it at one of my favorite cafes. And that my friends is why I adore the caffeinated beverage ever so much. 

Oh, and I don’t trust those studies that say coffee is bad for you or makes you “gain weight.” That’s untrue. Yes, if you drink it with extra sugar, cream and a crap load of whipped cream every day it’s not going to be very good for you, and you might start to see it in your butt. But that’s just like saying broccoli is bad for you because some people load 5 pounds of cheese on top and call it their serving of vegetables for the day. So no, coffee doesn’t make you gain weight. In fact it can curb your hunger and even make you eat less. 

And crazy studies that show coffee is bad for you or stunts your growth are a whole bunch of balogna. My great-grandmother Nanny drank a cup or two of coffee every day for her entire life and lived to be 99 years old. Oh, and she was perky as hell until the day she passed away. Well, I’m going to follow in her footsteps and not feel bad about my coffee addiction, but embrace it. 

So go ahead, get your coffee-drinking on my friends, and do so proudly! And in the meantime, check out my article I wrote for CoupMe on my personal favorite Beantown coffee joints. Or check out these cool coffee facts from IndyPosted.com. 



What’s your favorite way to drink your java? Where are your favorite places to go and get it? 

6 Non-Trends I’m Loving Right NOW

16 Sep

I’ve never been too much of a trends girl. In fact, if we’re talking fashion I’m farrrrr from “trendy.” I wear what I think looks good on me and what I feel comfy in. Yes, I have a pair of Uggs and no, I don’t think they look cute by any means. I just think they are the most comfortable things to prance around with in the winter. If people are raving about a certain restaurant or bar, I don’t fall for it until I try it myself, and I thought the whole hot yoga thing was ridiculous until I took a class. BUT, I do make my own trends and there are a few things I’m absolutely loving right now that I thought I’d share with you. Trendy or not, here goes:

Dog Days are Over: Yes, the song. If you watched the VMA’s then you surely saw Florence and the Machine’s performance of this absolutely amazing song. Seriously, it’s so inspiring and motivating, making for the absolute best song to run to. If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to it now. Just don’t blame me if you want to start dancing crazily around your apartment (or at work). 

Butternut/Spaghetti Squash: It’s official: my two favorite squashes are back. I saw them both on sale at Trader Joe’s the other day, and I can wait to get my hands on some of them. I plan to make butternut squash baked with cinnamon, agave syrup and nutmeg, the absolute perfect fall dish. I also can’t wait to make my famous “Spaghetti and Meatballs” made with turkey meat balls and spaghetti squash. Nifty, huh? 

Fall dresses: Even though summer’s over, I loooooooveeeee wearing dresses in the fall. I’m a dress girl. If you look in my closet, you will see that 85% of it is dedicated to dresses, of all colors, lengths and patterns. I particularly like pairing flowery dresses with boots and a cute scarf, or neutral dresses with a pair of flats. If you’ve got a summer dress that’s a little short but still wanna rock it, pair it with some cute leggings and some flats!

Mixing Coffee Flavors:  Going out for coffee every day can get expensive, so I’ve been attempting to make it from home. Lately, I’ve been exploring new coffee flavors, instead of always sticking with my same old french vanilla. I also love mixing flavors you never would have thought i.e. chocolate truffle with hazelnut. Just do a scoop of each, add in a cup of water and you’re golden! Lately, I’m obsessed with the cinnamon hazelnut I found at the supermarket the other week. Cinnamon hazelnut with fresh vanilla? YUM. I just add in a little vanilla or chocolate soy milk and it’s to-die-for.

Twitter: If you haven’t noticed, I’ve recently became mildly obsessed with Twitter. I know this is something everyone is doing, but it took me a couple years to get into it. I’ve had a personal account for more than a year, but never seemed to get into it. (Maybe that’s why I only had 50 followers?) Anyway, now I officially love it, and have been updating my status quite frequently every day since last month when I created my account. Follow me @healthy_chicks to join the fun!

In-House Yoga: I know it’s not as fun or “classy” as joining a fancy yoga studio surrounded my cool, hip yogis, but when you’re on a budget this will do. I’ve been doing On Demand Yoga in my apartment, and particularly like the quick “Less is More” segment I came across the other day. I also have been attempting to practice my own yoga, going through several flows both standing and on the floor. So far, so good. Maybe soon I’ll be doing it in the park…once I get a little more confident in my poses that is! 

What are some things you’re obsessed with these days? Anything out-of-the-ordinary we should all know about? 

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