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Pancakes Make Me Happy (Especially When They’re Gluten Free)

9 Nov


I remember when I was a little kid, having pancakes for breakfast was just as exciting as seeing presents under the tree. Our family made such an event out of it. There were blueberry pancakes, banana pancakes, and my absolute favorite childhood flavor: chocolate chip pancakes. And of course we made a batch or two of plain, only to smother them in butter and Maple syrup. Seriously, there was nothing like pancakes for breakfast. 

Then I developed a gluten/wheat sensitivity two years ago, and haven’t been able to enjoy pancakes ever since. Seriously, I had forgotten what they tasted like. Last year, our roommates hosted a winter day brunch, and all I could eat were the eggs, fruit salad and bacon. The pancakes just sat there staring at me, with all of their ooey gooey goodness. Grr. I cursed them for containing wheat, but then again, I guess it’s not really their fault. 

Well, it wasn’t until this morning that I was brought back to childhood with a bite of some damn good pancakes. Yesterday while strolling my favorite place in the world -Trader Joe’s – I stumbled upon a box of frozen gluten free pancakes, and thought I should give them a try. I didn’t expect them to taste like the real thing by any means, but I thought, why not?

Boy oh boy was I wrong. These babies knocked my expectations out of the ball park. They were heavenly, the perfect texture and extra warm and gooey in the middle. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been missing pancakes for far too long, but I even dare say they were better than what I remembered. Yup, I went there…better. I topped my three little guys (the perfect serving and 230 calories) with a little Earth Balance butter, sliced bananas and a drizzle of Maple syrup then dove right in. Wow…just wow. 

So next time your friends throw a festive brunch, and you have to sit out with a sad face due to an allergy, just remember…there is always a way! Have a happy Tuesday and make pancakes for dinner if ya want! : ) 

Vegetarian Farmer’s Omelet

4 Oct

This is one of my favorite go-to breakfasts because it’s quick, tasty and oh so filling! Enjoy with a piece of Ezekiel or whole grain toast and half a grapefruit! 

-1 whole egg plus 1 egg white, whisked with fork 

-1/4 c. sliced portobella mushrooms

-1/4 c. chopped zucchini 

-1/4 c. spinach

-1/4 c. chopped red onion 

-2 TB feta cheese

-1 tsp. oregano 

-1 tsp. parsley

-s & p to taste 

1. Cook the veggies in olive oil on medium heat, adding in spinach last (because it cooks faster and we don’t want to burn it!) 

2. Move veggies to one side, and add in the egg mixture. Cook on medium heat. 

3. Once it starts to bubble, add in the feta cheese and herbs. Flip the plain side over the veggie side to form the “omelet shape.” Enjoy : )

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