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My New Website!

26 Dec

Hey guys, check it out – I officially own my very own URL over at Take a visit, check it out and let me know what you think. I kept the same look as my WordPress blog, so not too many changes, but I will most likeley be blogging from over there from now on. So bookmark me, add me to your Google Reader, you know the whole sha-bang ; )

Warm wishes to all!


The “Healthy Chick”


Welcome to Quotable Sunday

14 Nov

From now on, every Sunday I am going to post a quote that inspires me/makes me smile/gives me the giggles/makes me tingle inside or simply urges me think. I welcome you to the start of Quotable Sunday here at Healthy Chicks. Enjoy! 


LUNAFEST & A Snazzy Night Out

11 Nov

As I mentioned on my blog yesterday, I won a ticket to Boston’s LUNAFEST from the lovely girls over at Guiltless. I think it’s safe to say I was absolutely ecstatic. Not only did the event look like a blast, but it was hosted in the Liberty Hotel. Fancy shmancy, huh? Needless to say, I got all dolled up in my fancy new boots, dark skinny jeans and a snazzy black shirt and took this single girl on a hot date…by myself. I have to say I was pretty pumped to take myself out on a date and do something different for once in the lovely city of Boston.

Some highlights of the night:

-All the beautiful, powerful women in the room: Seriously, the ballroom was packed with women. While some did bring their husbands or man friends, the majority of the people there were 20, 30, 40, 50 and even 60-something women all there for the same purpose: to learn and enjoy themselves. 

-The charitable aspect: 100% of the LUNAFEST net proceeds went directly to charity, specifically to support the Breast Cancer Fund, and they made this very vocal at the showing. One woman spoke of the importance in using chemical-free products from shampoo to makeup in order to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. There was also a quick showing of women speaking out on how to help find a cure. It really was heart-touching and lovely to see so many people get involved for a good cause.

-The films, of course! Seriously, the short films that were shown completely blew away my expectations! They were amazing, and all different in their own way. My favorites were The Translator about a foreign film translator who realizes while on a subway line that her relationship isn’t really how she expected; Touch (my very favorite), about an unusual connection two women make while waiting for a train. One of the woman ends up saving the other from her sad, suicidal thoughts simply by talking to her and touching her (both literally and figuratively). Lastly, Love on the Line filled the room with laughter, showcasing two lovers communicating through the telegraph. View a teaser of all the films here. They seriously were amazing. 

-The Food & Wine: Before the showing  began, waiters were passing out complimentary appetizers and glasses of wine! What girl doesn’t love that? I really enjoyed mingling over these tasty eats while waiting for the showing to begin : ) 

-Luna Bars: I’m obsessed with these babies, and if you haven’t tried them yet, I really recommend you do…now. Each attendee received three Luna bars waiting for us on our chairs. I got peanut butter, cookies ‘n’ cream and chocolate peppermint stick, which I’m really excited to try. 

All in all, it was a wonderful evening, and it makes me want to attend more events such as these that are not only a great time, but also support a great cause. Happy Thursday all! Enjoy the rest of your day…I am now off to Baltimore to visit the little sis. Ta ta for now! 

11 Quirky Little Facts About Me

9 Oct

Hi I’m Rachel. Many of you may just know me as the girl behind the “Healthy Chicks” blog. I felt that since I share posts with you about my life, thoughts and opinions every day it’s about time I let you into a few weird little facts about me (beyond the general stuff I share on my blog). So here goes. Meet the real Rachel (quirks and all) and I hope you all continue to enjoy reading!

1. I’m scared of ghosts. Not that I really believe them, or ever saw one or anything, but I have a weird fear of them. One night my roommate swore we had one living in our apartment, and I started crying and couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. I contemplated jumping in bed with my friend. It’s that bad. 

2. I’ve been single for my entire life. Yup, 23 years and counting. Sometimes I am OK with it. Sometimes I am not. It depends on the day. 

3. I’m addicted to Peanut butter. Any and all peanut butter, although Teddie’s All Natural is my current obsession. I could hands down demolish a jar of peanut butter (by the spoon) in minutes. I once gave it up for Lent and it was the worst decision I’ve ever made in life.

4. I probably own 100 pairs of VS lace cotton thongs…in all colors. They’re the only underwear I trust, and I am utterly obsessed. I even wear them when I’m working out (weird, I know). 

5. On the underwear note, I also match my underwear to my outfit. Why? I don’t know, but I like to color coordinate. 

6. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s since I was a junior in high school (other than their Fruit ‘n’ Walnut Salad I get when I’m traveling occasionally). I used to eat their Crispy Chicken Sandwich with mayo and large fries every day after swim team practice when I was younger. Now, that totally grosses me out. 

7. I once left my # on a post it for this guy I had a huge *crush* on at the gym, and he never called. Hey, at least I was ballsy. I don’t know if I’ll ever pull the post it move again…

8. I love cuddling, and could cuddle all day every day. Part of the reason is because I’m always cold so like the warm body heat. Sometimes I cuddle with my body pillow at night (hehe) 

9. I went sky diving in New Zealand this past April, and it was hands down the craziest, most amazing moment I’ve ever had, although it happened so fast it’s hard to remember, unless I look at pictures and the hilarious video. 

10. I’m color blind, with mostly shades of greens, browns and reds. Every time they’d do that Color Blind test, I’d get pissed I couldn’t see the numbers that were supposed to appear. It’s extremely rare for a girl to be color blind, but I take it as a cool fact to share. It doesn’t get in the way much, unless I’m using colored pencils or trying to find the right shade of green in Microsoft Word.  I once colored a tree trunk green and the leaves brown in art class when I was little. Oops. Oh, and I HATE it when people ask, “What colors the sky?” “What colors the grass?” Purple and yellow, duh. 

11. I get mad at slow walkers…who take up the entire sidewalk. I can’t help it. It’s like, get out of the way or speed up!

What are your weird habits or unique factoids that make you *you*? 

More Protein, Please: Keep These Nifty 9 in Your House!

3 Oct


Now that I’m a “runner girl” (so my dad calls me), it’s even more important than normal to ensure I’m getting my daily protein fix for the day. Women, and especially women who exercise, need protein to build and repair muscles and bones, provide energy, and control the body’s metabolism. And what better way to repair your bod post-workout than the perfect protein snack. No, I’m not talking about muscle milk or scary protein-enhanced high-cal bars. I’m taking healthy, tasty bites for you to enjoy! Here, my top 9 protein picks: 

1. Hard boiled eggs: Or even just the whites! For the perfect hard boiled egg, bring egg to a boil, remove from heat and cover for 14 minutes. It’s a fail-proof method. Make lots in bulk so you always have one to snack on when you’re in a pickle!

2. All Natural Nut Butters: My faves are almond butter and peanut butter, but I’ve even experimented with sunflower butter. Today I purchased Whole Food’s all natural nut butter where you actually get to grind it yourself. Nothing more fresh and natural than that! 

3. Cheese: I love string cheese with rice crackers or an apple for when I’m on the go. I also love cottage cheese with mandarin oranges or peaches mixed in!

4. Edamame: These little green soybeans are the perfect take-on-the-go snack. They’re healthy, nutritious and utterly delicious! Buy them frozen so you can enjoy these green gems every day, not just beside your sushi. 

5. Luna Bars: I absolutely love these protein-packed bars for women! My favorite flavors? Lemon Zest, Peanut Butter Cookie and Toasted Nuts ‘n’ Cranberry. These babies are around 180 calories, with 9 g. of protein! How’s that for a healthy snack? These tastes definitely taste more like a dessert than “health food.”  Stock up on them today! 

6. Greek Yogurt: I buy my greek yogurt plain, then add in my own “toppings” like agave syrup (to sweeten), cinnamon (to spice it up), berries (to add a little flavor) and nuts ‘n’ seeds (for extra crunch).

7. Nuts: Speaking of nuts, nuts alone are a great protein-packed snack. I love raw walnuts and almonds, and you’re likely to find them in my cabinet at all times.Currently, I also have sunflower seeds in the house, which are fun to play with too!  I enjoy a handful of nuts when I get an afternoon hunger-attack, and also mix them into my yogurt and salads. 

8. Tuna: Tuna doesn’t always have to be used for a full-fledged meal. Sometimes I mix up some tuna with a little olive oil and some dill to snack on with a few crackers or pita chips. This fish is a winner in the protein world! 

9. Ezekiel Bread: I LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter and sliced banana on Food For Life’s low-sodium Ezekiel bread (high-protein organic sprouted whole grain bread). It’s one of my fave post-run and afternoon snacks. Sprinkle with cinnamon and it’s heavenly.  The Cinnamon Raison Ezekiel bread is also to-die-for!

Happy Sunday All!

12 Sep

Hope you all had an absolutely fabulous weekend filled with happy things ‘n’ happy thoughts. Some Sunday night reflections to ponder over: What truly makes you happy? What are some things you are “chasing” in life that may not be working out exactly how you’d like? How would you construct your ideal “happy” life? 

New Blog Layout!

3 Sep

Hey guys,

There’s lots of changes going on lately, one being my new blog forum that you can find at From now on, this is where I’ll be blogging from so be sure to follow me and add me to your RSS : )


Stuck in a Rut? Go for a RUN!

25 Aug

This may sound strange, but years ago when I was applying to college, I began my college admission’s essay…wait for it…at the gym! Yes, while hundreds of other students put in hours at the library or glued to the computer chair, I began scribbling my essay (that got me into JMU) on the elliptical machine…with a pen and piece of scrap paper. What can I say; a light bulb hit while I was trucking along on the machine and I went with it. I’ve also thought of article ideas on long runs, have worked through job stresses by lifting weights and have tackled my way through life’s toughest decisions simply by going for a long walk.

While this may sound completely out there to you, I promise I have a point. That is that 99% of the time problems can be solved through exercise. Hear me out. Normally when we’re stuck in a rut (whether it be a deadline or a mini life crisis) we tend to shut down and fall apart. That’s how I used to handle problems in high school. If I was upset about a guy, an assignment, or a tricky decision, I’d shut down completely. I’d run into my room, slam the door and just sit there with my problems feeling sorry for myself. But let’s be serious: that gets us no where. In fact, it’s working backwards, and no one wants that.

Instead, next time you find yourself in a tricky situation, or even when you’re having one of those “brain farts,” go for a swim. Or lace up your running shoes and hit the road, even if you only go a couple miles. It’s amazing what our minds can do when we let loose and relax. And that’s exactly what exercise does for us. Not only is it beneficial for weight management and healthy hearts, but exercise is a 100% mind-clearing miracle drug. It cures problems thick and thin, whether it’s anger from your unreasonable boss or a difficult financial decision you’re not sure of. The thing is: exercise gives you all the answers you normally wouldn’t think of yourself. Whether it’s the change of environment or simply getting your body moving, all I can tell you is that it works. And boy does it work well. So I challenge you to tackle your rut the right way, the healthy way for once, and see how wonderful you’ll feel afterwards.

Feel free to share any stories or successes you’ve had by “running through a rut.”

Live in the Moment. . . And Don’t Feel Bad About Doing It!

3 Aug

Can you believe it’s already August? It seems like yesterday I was freaking out in early June about the horrendous bathing suit season and my non air-conditioned apartment. But now it’s already August?? WHAT??! That means only four months ’til the holidays come, and before you know it, it’s Valentine’s Day again. OK, OK…maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But the one thing I know is time sure does fly by. And while it is cliché, it flies by even faster when you’re having fun…and I have to say I have been having a lot of fun lately.

When you’re living in the glorious city of Boston, it’d be a waste not to be having fun. So go out and try that delicious, hip restaurant your friends have been raving about. Go ahead ask out that certain someone you’ve been eyeing for the past month! Forget about work and bills for a day and take your beautiful family on a mini vacation to Maine or New Hampshire.

We have to seize the moment, live for the day and make the most of every single second of our lives! Yes, that sounds a little intense, but it’s true. So go out and enjoy yourself. Pamper yourself. Relax. Explore. Breathe. Do whatever it is YOU want to do for a day. I promise, you’re allowed and most importantly you deserve it.

Happy August! Enjoy!

Plans? What Plans?

25 Jul

Today I got to thinking about schedules, and how they are such a large part of our lives. As Americans, we take schedules so darn seriously. Work schedules, eating schedules, gym schedules, task schedules; the list goes on and on. And while normally schedules and being on time are thought of as responsible, good qualities, are they really all that healthy for us? Of course, it’s good to have some sort of “plan”, but is it really necessary to fill in every little detail in our day to day lives?

I used to be one of those obsessive food schedulers. You know the type…My diet was like clockwork. 8 a.m. breakfast, two hours later a healthy snack, lunch at noon, snack two hours later, dinner at 6 p.m. Dessert if hungry. It was insane, and if I didn’t follow my “schedule,” I’d drive myself absolutely crazy. Not to mention that most days I had exactly what I was going to eat pre-planned out. Thank God I no longer stress about that. Sure, I eat healthy but if I’m starving before lunchtime, I’ll eat a healthy, filling snack like some all natural peanut butter with an apple. If I have zero appetite around 3 p.m., I’ll wait for dinner to enjoy a nice meal. It’s so much more peaceful (and sane) when you’re not thinking so darn much.

I have another friend who used to be obsessed with going to the gym…at certain times…for certain amounts of time. And she had to follow her plan to a tee or else she’d be upset with herself. Cardio and weights one day, yoga that day. Running 8 miles another day. Now, three or four years later, this same friend does exactly the opposite. I talked to her recently about her workout regimen, and she told me she does what her body feels like doing. She runs and takes walks for mental clarity, and does boot camp for energy and a good time, but other than that she doesn’t plan anything out. If she feels like staying in to veg on the couch instead of going for a run, so be it. If she’d rather go out for Happy Hour than hit the gym, FINE. But the most important thing is that with this mindset, she’s more happy, healthy and beautiful than ever!

Other people I know live their whole lives on a schedule, as if they are always going to be late for something. Sometimes I wonder if these types of people ever take a second to just take a deep breath and relax. Life can’t be fun when you’re always thinking and living in the future. We should be able to enjoy the presence, live for the moment and take in all the little things that come along the way. Be a few minutes late on purpose. Don’t wake up in the morning RIGHT AWAY; instead lay their for a while, toss around and think about how great of a day it’s going to be. Linger a little longer with your breakfast, or walk a little slower to work, taking in all the beauty that’s around you. Take a deep breath. Do some yoga. Just be…

Now that I’m done with that mini rampage, I challenge you all to throw your schedule to the wind for a day, and just try and enjoy each moment as is. Turn off your cell phone if you need to or don’t look at the clock for a few hours and just go along with the day how YOU want to, not how your schedule wants you to. We all need to take a little stress off our plates each day and dig into a clean (unplanned) slate…

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