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Happy Hump Day: 10 Awkward Things to Avoid This Holiday

22 Dec


As much as we try to be perfect, pretty ‘n’ elegant most of the time, many of us have an awkward side…at least a little one. And some of us (including myself) have a higher percentage of awkwardness, though I’ve learned the only way to get through it is to laugh it off. If I didn’t know how to laugh things off, I’d be permanently blushing (or hiding away in my apartment). But for the most part we try to avoid awkward situations…so here are 10 things to try to stay away from this holiday season. Oh, and Happy Hump Day!

1. Going in for the kiss when the receiver was definitely just going in for the hug – makes for awkward movements all around, so be sure to survey the scene carefully before you make false judgements

2. Slipping on your ass in the middle of the sidewalk, or better yet in the middle of the street due to icy conditions & the fact that you wore high-heels ’cause you’d rather look sexy than be comfy and safe (done this many-a-time) 

3. Clogging your boyfriend’s parents’ toilet…the very first time you meet them (not a good first impression) – attempt to de-clog yourself before you call for help 

4. Throwing up on your date (I almost did this the other night though I held it in until I got home- funny thing was I wasn’t even drinking…it was just some random bug-yeesh)

5. The ever-so-awkward overly-enthusiastic “I loveeee it!” after you receive a present you absolutely HATE…at least act a little natural for goodness sake. No one gets that excited about an ugly sweater from Aunt Sue. 

6. Getting so used to saying “I love you” to the fam that you end up accidentally throwing it out there to the mailman, the plumber or your taxi-driver. (oops) 

7. Sending an overly mushy, gooshy, lovey-dovey email meant for your boyfriend/husband/lover to your boss

8. Getting a huge chunk of spinch stuck in your tooth during the first date with your new crush…and not realizing it until you get home to take off your makeup 

9. Accidentally drinking too much red wine and saying way too much…way too fast…way too soon 

10. Running into all your past enemies/exes/etc. at the local pub while everyone’s home for Christmas and having to make the same old small talk you do every other year 


Hump Day Lesson of the Day: a Lesson From My Dad

8 Dec

My dad said this to me when I was a 19-year-old hormone enraged college teenager. I had wanted to fly down to Virginia to “chase” a guy I was into. I was going to book my flight, hop on a plane, the whole shabang. Thank god my dad knocked some sense into me. I now like to think I follow my heart instead of those crazy hormones.

Happy Hump Day > VS Undies & 7 Other Things Totally Worth the Splurge

1 Dec

What’s on my top 8 worth-it list? 

1. Victoria’s Secret 5 for $25 undies. I have an addiction and I don’t feel bad about it at all. A gal can never have enough lacie thongs and boy shorts in her dresser. 

2. A hot, go-to LBD. Every woman needs at least one dress that’ll make you feel sexy, beautiful and confident even on a “fat” day while you are PMSing. I just bought a gorgeous one at Express on Black Friday, and guess what? I got if for 30% off plus an additional $40 off from a Coupon the sales clerk gave me. So it wasn’t even that big of a splurge after all. 

3. A Mini Vacay. These mini vacays keep me sane, so I take them and take them often…guilt-free. I’ve gone on mini trips to New York, D.C., Virginia, and other states to visit friends. I just love traveling, and it makes me feel good so I justify throwing in the dough for my own well-being. In two weeks, I will be taking a “min vacay” road trip to Florida and hitting up Magic Kingdom while I’m at it (wahoo!). 

4. Chocolate. Chocolate cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate peanut butter fudge (especially my mom’s), chocolate Kisses, chocolate frozen yogurt and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting are all worth the splurge in my book. 

5. A Pedi. For me, it’s so much more worth it to go in and get a pedicure than try to give myself one. Let’s be honest: I’m just not as good as those miracle workers in the salons. There’s nothing like hitting up the nail salon with a coffee, laying back with a magazine and letting the pedicurists go to work. When my toes look chipped and my feet have seen brighter days, that’s where you’ll find me. 

6. A Good Book (or 10). I can’t help wanting to buy the entire store every time I walk into a book store…especially a used book store. I just love everything about it: the smell, the feel, the people, the aura. And there’s nothing quite like curling up in bed with a good book and a cup of hot tea, so give in my friend!

7. A gym membership (or the equivalent). If I didn’t work out, my mind would be all over the place and I’d probably turn into a psychotic bitch, which is not me at all. That’s exactly my point: exercising regularly helps keep me “me”: balanced, energized, perky and happy. Currently I have a 20-day gym pass I purchased on a group-buying site for only $19, but I also splurged on the Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD (totally worth it) for those days I don’t feel like leaving my apartment in the 25-degree weather. 

8. An Extra Cocktail (Healthy Chick Approved of Course). An extra cocktail is almost always worth the splurge for me as it comes in handy in awkward situations, bad dates, good dates, or nights you just want to have a little more fun. Just don’t be downing Sex on the Beach and martinis all night, and you should be good. My fave drink? Vodka + Seltzer + Lime + Optional Splash of Cran. 

What are some things that are 100% worth the splurge for you? 

Guest Blog Post: Rules of Dating By Relationship Expert Jenny Jen

24 Nov


Happy Hump Day fellow Healthy Chicks! Today I am proud to entertain you with a guest post from one of my favorite readers/fellow blogger Jenny Jen. She is one Blonde Bronzed Twenty Something who knows the ins and outs of relationships, dating and men (something I am totally clueless about). Alas, let me give the floor (er, blog) over to her! Jen, you may take it from here…

Healthy as we might be with other aspects in our life, we’re not so much with men.  We are told to go for the good guy, yet fall for the bad.  We are meant to walk away from a relationship without looking back, not wanting the ass hole even more.  We are supposed to take the oh-so-obvious hints that he’s just not that into us, but instead we focus on the signs that show us he is.  We my friends are twentysomething women who – although healthy and in control in other areas of our life – lack the same nutrients and wholesome diet in our dating life.

Well consider me your relationship trainer.  I’m going to give you the core tips to energize your love life.  So are we ready girls?  Time to swap those Nike runner’s for a pair of Manolo thigh-high boots and start walking:

1)     Keep a ‘dating diary’:  The same way you would record the calories and eating items you intake to notice patterns and how each food makes you feel after consumption, do the same with men.  We often forget the bad and overwrite it with rosy stories that are far from accurate.  Keep this journal to understand your patterns, in hopes to prevent making the same mistakes again.

2)     Everything in moderation:  We are always told that too much of something is never a good thing.  If he uses excuses such as work, studying, moving, etc., realize that someone who wants to see you will fit you into his schedule, no matter what.  I’ve dated people in high demand jobs such (think doctors and hockey players), yet they still managed to make time for me.  Got it?  Alternately, be aware of spending too much time with the man of your affection.   If you’re together 24/7, you likely don’t have room for other aspects of your life and wellbeing since he has become it.  Neither of the two choices are a healthy alternative.  Instead, indulge in him but make sure to make time for yourself and your friends, because at the end of the day, if Casa Nova and you break it off, you and your friends are the only one who can pick up the pieces. 

3)     Work it:  You’re not going to burn calories, release endorphins and start noticing changes on your waistline unless you start working out.  Wish as we might, sitting at home playing on our Macbooks won’t get us into shape.  Same with dating.  Though we can try to peruse the net for potential suitors, it’s going out, meeting people and putting ourselves in a social environment that will get us to reach our goal.  So put on a hot little number, head out and make it happen.

4)     Avoid Toxins:  You wouldn’t dare ruin your diet with something that was unhealthy or distructive to it, so why would you do that you with your men?  You know that hung over feeling you experience the morning (and day, and evening) after drinking?  Those are the effects of toxins in your body.  Toxic relationships are destructive to your well being.  Not only do they halt motivation and make you less productive, but they also deter others from you (no one wants to get toxins).  And deny as you will that the boy is toxic, listen to those around you who refer to him (and who you become with him) as such.  No one should be bringing your fabulous, foxy-self down.  A partner is meant to bring out the best in you, not worst.

We wouldn’t settle for a bad gym, we wouldn’t feel good from a half-assed work out, and we certainly wouldn’t feel clear headed and airy if we ate a meal full of junk.  If you put in the same thought and awareness as you do with your health, I can assure you you will find that grade A relationship you so desire. 

-Jenny Jen

Thanks for such a wonderful, fun post Jen! You may contact Jen on Twitter @BlondeBronzed, read her hilarious, informative relationship blog here and email her at 

Hump Day Lesson of the Day

24 Nov

Ladies, I am serious with this one so listen up. Last week, my roommate had to make a turkey for a work party, but she had the slightest idea how, so she asked roommate #2 to do all the work for her. Well all the sudden 2 a.m. rolls around (the time the turkey was supposed to be taken out of the oven) and I hear a bunch of Shit, Fu*k, Shit!s coming from the kitchen. I figured the turkey fell or got a little burnt, but then it happened. The fire alarm started going off and this heinous horn like sound followed shortly after. Indeed, we had set off the entire building’s alarm. I opened my door and couldn’t even see because our apartment was so smoky. Apparently, the grease had overflowed the pan getting into the oven, starting a mini fire and then smoking up our pint-sized apartment. 

Soon enough, the fire trucks were on their way. The best part? Five macho firemen come busting through our apartment doors expecting to save the day and come to the rescue…axes and gear in hand. Little did they know there was no fire at all, just a bunch of confused, clueless girls and a whole lot o’ smoke. The big head chief simply walked over to our oven, opened it up and said “Yup, call maintenance.” 

Unfortunately maintenance never did come, but we used our smart little brains to turn off the buzzer ourselves. We still question why no one evacuated or came to check on us. I guess in the case of a real fire we’d all have been dead? Yeesh. So yes, I suggest you cook your turkeys with caution this Thanksgiving. And happy cookin’! 

Stay tuned for a special Hump Day post from one of my favorite bloggers/relationship columnist : ) 

Trimmed Up Tuna Melt & Happy Hump Day

17 Nov

For every dish, I usually have one or two recipe variations. But this is by far one of my FAVORITE tuna melt recipes…and it’s even gluten free (though you don’t have to tell your boyfriend that). Enjoy this low cal, low fat, absolutely delicious tuna melt whenever you’re in a rush for lunch. 

Watchya Need:

-1/2 brown rice wrap or full wrap for the hungry girl serving (found at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s)

-1 small can tuna in water 

-1 TB dill

-1/4 c. chopped cucumbers or pickles

-small handful fresh baby spinach

-1/2 TB mayonnaise 

-1/2 TB EVOO

-1 oz. cheese of choice (I used fresh mozzarella)

-squirt of Dijon mustard 

-salt & pepper to taste

1. Drain the tuna and mix with mayo, olive oil, mustard, dill and optional salt and pepper. Add in chopped cucumbers or tomatoes. 

2. In the meantime, toast your brown rice wrap with cheese until it’s nice & crispy and the cheese is melted thoroughly. 

3. Top wrap with tuna mixture, and add on fresh baby spinach. Eat right open-faced, or roll up in a wrap and enjoy! 

Oh, and Happy Hump Day! Enjoy this video…It’s just too cute I can’t stop watching. 

Holy Luck & Happy Hump Day!

10 Nov


When I was younger, I used to be extremely lucky. I always won the best prizes during Bingo night, would win raffles like it was my job and scratch tickets always brought me a couple extra bucks in the pocket. However, lately my luck hasn’t been quite like it was as a child. 

But, as of yesterday (or this whole month actually) I think it’s safe to say my luck is back, baby! For starters, I went on two dates in one weekend, and scored a job interview (which I ended up declining, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). Then yesterday I won a pair of tickets to see LUNAFEST at the Liberty Hotel in Boston, which I couldn’t be more excited about! Oh, but wait, it gets even better. I was also invited by the kind woman from Core Fusion to take a live class with a friend here in Boston at Exhale Spa in the near future. Then just when I thought my luck couldn’t get any better, this morning I woke up to an email telling me I won the Greyhound raffle I entered at a festival a couple weeks ago, getting me $50 worth of bus tickets to anywhere I want to go. Hello trips to CT, NYC and DC!  Now is that luck, or is that luck? 

OK, enough bragging. For today’s Hump Day post, I decided to bring back an old classic fave YouTube video…enjoy! And congrats for almost making it over the hump! 

Happy Hump Day: One Reason I’m Happy College is Over

3 Nov

Hump Day Lesson of the Day: Never underestimate what will grow in a college apartment. Seriously, just when you thought windex and wipes were enough, this pops up. I kid you not…

Ladies, I hope I don’t freak you out and make you run away from my blog forever, but this indeed is a mushroom…that grew in our apartment junior year of college. Scary, huh? Look at the size of that thing…look at the roots on that thing! Needless to say we freaked out and cleaned that shit for days. Happy Hump Day all! You’re almost through the week…Hope this, er, made you laugh or vomit or at least takes your mind off work for a sec. 


Happy Hump Day: Hiding Boys in Closets

27 Oct


It’s Wednesday, and you are almost over the hump! YAY! Here’s a silly story to hopefully make you giggle and get you through those last painful hours of the day…

Hump Day Lesson of the Day: When you need to quickly conceal a dude in your room, hide him in the closet (or spare room)*

*this post has been taken from my old blog “Girls on Guys”

So it was my sophomore year in college, family weekend. My parents and sister were to come down Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with me. Naturally, I still wanted to go out the night before they came, and knew that I’d have plenty of time to cure my hangover before they arrived. Well, I went out with a big group of friends, and brought the guy I was seeing at the time (we’ll call him Billy) back to my apartment with me, warning him that he’d have to leave the next morning before my family arrived.

Well, 8 a.m. rolls around and I hear my phone ringing. I wake up, all frazzled, hair a mess and scurry to find my phone, careful not to wake up snoring Billy next to me.

“Hi dad. . . you guys on your way?” (Just so you know, my family is from CT and I went to school in VA so the commute is 7.5, 8ish hours.

“RACHHH! We’re hereeeeeeeeeee!!!”

“WHAT?! Where?”

“We’re at your front dooooor. Come let us in. We were gonna come jump on you but your door’s locked!”

THANK GOD for that. Our door had been broken for quite some time, and unable to lock, and we had just gotten it fixed a few days before.

But back to reality. SHIT SHIT SHIT. My parents are at the front door and there’s a half naked dude in my BED.

Now my heart is really pounding. I shove Billy to wake him up. “Huh? What’s going on?”

“You need to get out. GET UP. Get out! My parents are here!” 

“Well, where do I go?”

“Just grab your stuff and go in here!” I shouted to him, as I shoved him into our “spare room.” We had a “spare room” that year, which turned into our pet bunny rabbit Mosley’s room. It reeked of rabbit food and rabbit poop, and was stuffy and hot as hell, but it was my only option. THANK GOD for the spare room, I tell ya. To make it even funnier, what I didn’t know at the time was that my roommate had shoved the guy she was dating then in the Bunny Room as well early that morning. So there were two guys in their boxers shoved in one small room with a pet rabbit. Just picture it. 

Anyway, I throw on a shirt and some pajama pants and rush to the front door, sweating and disheveled to greet my family, and put on my “be cool” act, giving out hugs left and right and telling them how happy I was that they had made it here so early. Really, in my head I wanted to die and I was prayinggg they wouldn’t take a “grand tour” of our apartment.

Luckily, my mom and dad offered to go get me some coffee at Starbucks, and left my sister with me alone for about half an hour. 

I used this time wisely, and we released our guys and told them to leave quickly. The poor guys had no way of getting home, so they both walked down the road in the pouring rain, and called some friends to give them a ride. Watching them walk down the road from our porch was just priceless, I tell you. Priceless.

If you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, it works like a charm. I swear. Do you have any “hide the dude in my bed” stories? If so, please share. Could use some more laughs to brighten up this rainy Wednesday! 

Happy Hump Day: Give Yourself a Makeover (In the Nude!)

20 Oct

Happy Hump Day all! And now to continue on with my Hump Day series, we have our…(you guessed it)….drumroll…

Hump Day Lesson of the Day: When you have the apartment to yourself, give yourself a “naked makeover.” Hear me out. Today I woke up and was feeling a lack of motivation to get ready. Quite frankly, I could lounge in my comfy PJ’s and old slippers all day long. But I knew I shouldn’t (and wouldn’t). What could I do to get myself going? Well, step one was to get out of these ratty pajamas. And when I took off my clothes, that’s when I realized I had the apartment all to myself and the idea came to me: I can give myself a makeover…in the nude! If you find yourself in a similar predicament or just want to pretty-up (in a slightly scandalous way), read on…

Step 1: Lock all your doors. We don’t want the new neighbor interrupting to borrow a spatula or any surprise visits from UPS. 

Step 2: Disrobe…to the extent you feel comfortable in. I left on a lacy bra and undies, but go as bare or as conservative as you like!

Step 3: Lather up all over in your fave lotion! I love Victoria’s Secret Warm & Cozy lotion from the Pink collection. It smells like candy…mixed with winter. 

Step 4: Set the mood- light a candle, put on your favorite tunes. This is all about relaxation and Y-O-U!

Step 5: Throw your hair up in a high pony-you want your locks out of the way for this!

Step 6: Mix up a homemade facial: I like to mix 1/4 c. oats with just enough luke warm water to create a thick facial-like substance. Lather it all over your face, and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Step 7: Do Something With your Mouth: I put on 30-minute teeth-whitening strips, but if you don’t have those, put on your fave pretty lip gloss, or freshen your breath with some mouth wash. You want to feel clean, fresh & delicious!

Step 8: Lay down! When do you ever just lay on your bed and not do anything? Well today you get to! Plop down and just wait 20 to 30 minutes for your facial/teeth whitening/whatever to do the job. Put down your laptop. Turn off your blackberry. Just be. Take a few deep breaths. Feels good, huh?

Step 9: Remove your facial/teeth whitening strips or anything else you have going on! Your makeover is complete : ) 

Step 10: Throw on a cute outfit and embrace the day! See getting out of your PJ’s was as easy as 1, 2, 10! ; )

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