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Personal Records are the Best Kind of Records

20 Dec

[Morgan & I pre-race]

Confession: I take my personal records very seriously (in all parts of life), so much that I nearly knocked down ten Santa Clauses and a few men in Speedos to beat mine at yesterday’s Jingle Bell 5K Run. I had my arms flailing, my legs moving faster than ever and I think I even boxed out a few Santas (oops). According to the timer on my iPod, I beat my PR of a previous 27:11 with a record-breaking 27:05. However, according to the online race results, I got 27:15, but I’m going to trust my iPod and celebrate anyway. If I had a clear pathway at the end (sans reindeer, Santas and fat men in Speedos), I totally could have broke 27 minutes. That’s all I’m sayin’. I was on a roll, baby!

But whether my time was 27:05 or 27:15, I am more than proud of myself. I am also ecstatic for my best friend who completed her first ever 5K! She hasn’t ran 3 miles straight in ages, yet finished the entire race like a champ just a little over 30 minutes. (Good job Morgs!) You see, her goal was simply to finish the race and that she did…beating a good 3,000 people or so too. If that’s not breaking a PR, I don’t know what is.

But, back to the point. I’ve never been an extremely competitive person. I don’t really care for gambling and I’ve never cried after a rec basketball loss. However when it comes to me and my personal achievements, that’s when I get competitive. That’s how it should be, after all. Who cares if your roommate ran the race in half your time? Why get down if your friend from college was offered a great job (and a raise) within one year after college? Why let someone else’s success completely break you down? If you think about you and you only, other people’s success won’t get to you. Be proud for them, and move on with it. They are them and you are you. Nothing else matters, really.

After all, there’s nothing quite like the feeling  of knowing that you did it, that you reallllly did it. Whether that’s completing a 5K at record-breaking time, signing up for your first marathon, going after your dream job or pushing yourself to do yoga twice a week or aiming to be a better mother/friend/girlfriend, that’s completely up to you. But the fact that you did it all by yourself is the most rewarding thing there is in life.


Friday Recap: 4 Things I Learned This Week

10 Dec


TGIF fellow Healthy Chicks! You’ve finally made it to Friday, and can officially enjoy the week being over. However, instead of celebrating the weekend, I’m going to do a little recap on this week as I’ve learned a lot these past few days…

# 1. Fake Christmas Trees Just Don’t Cut it (And Never Will): The other day I witnessed my first real Christmas tree of the season. I walked into my friend’s apartment and the second I stepped foot inside I could just smell it, fresh pine needles mixed with Christmas that is. I immediately felt warm and happy inside. You see, since we live in a teeny tiny apartment, we decided to settle with decorating our fake palm tree with ornaments and a little tinsel. While it looks pretty, it’s simply not the same. I will never understand fake Christmas trees, and you can ensure I will never have one once I can afford my own place. I already have a whole box of ornaments stored away for when I finally have my first tree (my mom gives my sister and I a few each year for Christmas)!

#2 A Restaurant Serving of Pad Thai will Last You Three Meals: The other night, I went out for Thai and of course ordered my absolute favorite dish: Pad Thai. Some of you may be squirming in your seats because obviously Pad Thai isn’t the healthiest dish – it sometimes comes in at a whopping 900+ calories. However, that’s no need to deprive yourself of a dish you love! Get what you truly want, eat until you’re satisfied and then take the rest home. Let me tell you, I ate my little heart out the night I went out to eat, and still had enough for TWO additional meals- yes, two! Restaurant servings can be far too large for the typical Healthy Chick, but you don’t have to fear them. Just doggie bag them (hehe).

#3 Don’t Overdo it When You’re Sick: I felt a cold coming on a few days ago, but tried to be Super Woman with an “I can do anything” attitude. I did Core Fusion (hey, gotta tone the butt), I hung out with The Boy (all day, oops), I went out for a nice dinner, I ran around like a mad woman trying to finish my Christmas shopping, I drank coffee when I knew it would further dehydrate me, I stayed up late (watching movies and reading blogs), I vigorously cleaned the entire house…I simply didn’t stop. Today it finally hit me and it hit me hard. That’s why I’m currently wrapped up in a blanket on the couch with my laptop and The Apprentice on DVR. Enough is enough. 

#4 Coconut Oil is a Miracle Oil: Ever since I used a heaping scoop of coconut oil in my gluten free cupcakes a few weeks ago, I’ve seen this oil everywhere. In fact, one of my Twitter followers @meagher_erin sent me some Kelapo Coconut Oil to sample. I never realized how much you can do with this stuff! It’s good for your skin (works like a moisturizer), can help with digestion (add some in your next cookies, or even thai rice dish), and can even smooth your hair-move over, expensive conditioners! Honestly, how many oils can you eat, rub onto your skin and put in your hair – that actually smell good. Not many!

How has your week been? What did you take out of your week…learn anything new? 

7 Healthy Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit (& Burn Some Cals)

9 Dec

The other day, I went to the Prudential Center to tackle some Christmas shopping. When I came out with nothing but some makeup for myself and a couple trinkets for my family, I was a little bummed. Of course, I was happy with my new Sephora goodies, but for all the efforts I went through in the mall, you’d think I’d at least get to cross off half of my Christmas list. Yes, I said efforts…my trip to the mall was more of a workout than a shopping spree. From dodging moms with strollers to running around like a mad woman (I was sweating after just 20 minutes of shopping), my annual Christmas shopping felt like 60 minutes on the treadmill. “Welp, guess I don’t have to work out today,” I said joking to a friend. But really, maybe I was right. With a little research and a little help from Health Discovery’s calorie calculator, I learned that many of our holiday activities are actually burning lotsa calories. So what I’m sayin’ is if you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen all day baking double-fudge brownies, skip that cardio and do a little butt toning instead ; ). Alas, here are 7 ways to burn the cals* big-time this holiday season, while having a bangin’ time while you’re at it! 

*all calculations are for an average, 150-pound woman 

1. Lend your hubby a hand with the snow shoveling for once. He’ll appreciate it so much & then you have an excuse to down some hot cocoa after when your hands are numb. > 30 min, 216 calories burned 

2. Veg out with a holiday classic like Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday or The Grinch. We even burn calories resting, ladies! >90 minutes, 102 calories* burned (*Note, our bodies are always burning – even when doing nothing – so each additional activity only burns MORE! Neat, huh?)

3. Clean the house for this weekend’s holiday shindig. Blast Christmas tunes & light wintery candles to make the time fly by faster. >60 minutes, 252 calories burned 

4. Grab your best friend, bundle up in your cutest holiday gear, and go ice-skating > 45 minutes, 378 calories burned 

5. Brace the streets or the mall for your annual holiday shopping spree. Warning, wear layers so you can take them off as the time goes by…it gets HOT in there! > 2 hours of moderate walking, 576 calories burned 

6. Head North & hit up the slopes for a skip trip with the entire family! There’s nothing that gets me in the holiday spirits than a good ol’ escape to the mountains! >2 hours downhill skiing, 864 calories burned (cross-country comes in at a whopping 1,152!) 

7. Let’s Get it on…to Christmas tunes, under the mistletoe or by the Christmas tree, perhaps? >45 minutes, 81 calories burned (and that’s at a moderate level, ladies!) 

Happy holidays all! 

Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner…

18 Nov


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but let’s be honest: I’ve been thinking about it since early October, and I’m already thinking about Christmas. Hey, it’s the malls fault for being all decorated and pretty with lights and Christmas trees. But when it’s all said and done, Thanksgiving is and always has been my absolute favorite holiday. The delicious smells, the wonderful feeling of family and the fact that I go into a turkey coma every year (no matter how much I tell myself to slow down) is all part of the joy of Thanksgiving. 

But even though I almost always have to unbutton my pants come dessert, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try to keep my Thanksgiving just a bit healthier. After all, I’m not trying to gain 10 pounds in one sitting and feel like absolute crap the next day. That would be doing my body no good. So this year in particular, I’m working on adding a little extra healthy oomph to my favorite holiday, and that I will share with you…

#1 I’m running my first ever Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day: I’ll be running the 5-mile Manchester Road Race, but these types of Turkey Trots are all over the place, so I suggest you sign up to0! They are fun, packed with people and it takes the edge of the actual running part of it. To make it even more exciting, my sister and I are dressing up as elves with green tights, elf hats and all! To prep for the race, I’ve been running 3 miles a day with Core Fusion Body Sculpt twice a week, so it’s keeping me in shape before Turkey Day as well. 

#2 I’ll be making a side dish that actually tastes good: Last year I tried to go all, “healthy, healthy” on everyone and ended up making the most disgusting side dishes…ever. My family of course ate them to be nice, but even I could see they had little to no flavor. My gluten free stuffing I tried to invent tasted like dog food. It was that bad. This year, I’m going to concentrate on making wholesome, nutritious food instead of low-cal, “healthy” crap. I’m definitely going to trim down the classic sweet potato pie that everyone knows and loves, and am definitely going to dabble in concocting some gluten free savory cupcakes from the BabyCakes Cookbook I got last year as a gift. Red Velvet cupcakes [see above] are at the top of my list to try this year! 

#3 Or Fake it if you can’t bake it: Not everyone loves to cook, and there is no shame in that. Lots of places allow you to pre-order Thanksgiving sides and desserts so you don’t have to touch a pan. For instance, Healthy Habits Kitchen in Wellesley, MA is running an “Everything But the Turkey” Package, which includes 3 appetizers, 3 side dishes and 2 desserts. How’s that for easy and efficient? Pick ‘n’ choose between tasty apps like Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomato & Olive Spread, Spinach & Feta Triangles and Pumpkin Chipotle Hummus. Side dishes include a Butternut Squash Casserole, Parmesan Mashed Potatoes, and Traditional Stuffing. Oh, and you can’t forget dessert, with favorites like Chocolate Bark and Gingerbread Spiked Pumpkin Pie. View their full menu here. Small servings for 4 cost $59 and full servings for 8 is $99, extremely affordable in my book for the amount of food you’re getting. 

#4 Eat Slowly: Sometimes I forget that the food is not going to fly away on me. I think we all could use a few deep breaths and short breaks throughout the feast. Enjoy your food, chat with aunt Sally who you haven’t seen all year and savor every bite. This meal only comes once a year, after all. Why rush it? 

What are your healthy Turkey Day tips? 

Core Fusion is-a-workin’ (or something is)

8 Nov

So I must say when I stepped on the scale this morning I was dazzled by my consistent 3 pound (plus some change) weight loss since two weeks ago. But not only did the number on the scale make me jump for joy, but I can feel it in my energy, my body and the way my clothes fit. I simply feel goooood, healthy and toned. 

I must be doing something right. Go me! First things first, I haven’t been fussing or freaking over my weight. And I think that’s a huge mistake many women make. When you constantly worry about your weight, it’s not going anywhere but up. Since I’ve been too busy to think about trivial things such as the number on the scale, those stubborn little pounds are beginning to melt away on their own. I tell you: stress does nothing but make matters worse when it comes to a healthy weight  loss. 

However, to be realistic, I’m obviously doing something right to make for the sudden drop in poundage. It’s not magic, after all! So what is it? I must say most of my thank-yous go out to Core Fusion Body Sculpt (and Rachel Wilkerson for telling me about it). Ever since I started this last week, I’ve been feeling really good all over. While these classes may not leave you dripping in sweat, you can really feel the burn…literally. Like, thighs-shaking, abs-quivering true burn. It’s like I can feel my body gaining muscle, losing fat and revving up its metabolism by the end of the 50-minute segment. I seriously can not get enough of this workout, and recommend it to anyone who wants to tone up and torch fat all over! 

I’ve also been eating super clean lately, cleaner than usual I’d have to say. Ever since I overdosed a bit on fall baked goods, I’ve been cutting back and trying to eat mindfully for my body and mind. Of course, I treat myself to dark chocolate and fried goodies here and there, but for the most part I’ve been eating, and craving, purely lean, clean wholesome eats! It’s what my body wants at the time, and I think it’s definitely thanking me for that (and it’s even starting to show!) 

Oh, and I’ve recently started taking D vitamins because I read how important they are for women in their 20s. Can’t hurt to get a little extra sunshine in the system, eh? So, yeah, that’s pretty much my prescription right now for good health, or at least what’s been working for me. I’m ready to take on the holidays and look my leanest ever for this Thanksgiving’s feast! 

TGIF & 3 Things I’m Pumped About

5 Nov

TGIF! I think I can speak for everyone when I say this week was one of those weeks that just didn’t end, but now it’s safe to say that Friday is finally here. Ahhh. As you know I like to keep my Friday posts short ’cause I know it’s the end of the week and no one has time to read a novel right now. So I’m going to go ahead and entertain you with three things I’m pumped for at the moment. 

1. Not only is it Friday, but this single lady in the city is going on TWO dates this weekend, yes two dates…with two different guys! I don’t think I’ve had that much game since college. I’m starting to feel like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. I’m excited to go out and feel out their personalities, and to not put all my eggs in one basket for once. Hello date weekend!

2. I’ve only done Core Fusion Body Sculpt twice so far, and am already feeling the burn in my legs ‘n’ tushy. Yay! I’m on my way to a hot butt and thighs in no time. I can’t wait to feel toned, lean and strong all over! If you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend looking into it. This $7.99 purchase from is one I definitely don’t regret. 

3. Come to think of it, I have three dates this weekend, if you count the one with my girlfriend Becky. Tomorrow we’re going to the North End to sip cappuccinos, grab lunch and chat about life. I absolutely can not wait to catch up and fill our bodies with tasty North End eats. There is nothing like Italian food to boost my mood! 

What are you ladies up to this weekend? I hope something fabulous! 

Kick-Ass 45-Minute Workout

28 Oct

Today was totally one of those afternoons where I just wasn’t feelin’ a loooongg run (or any run for that matter). I don’t know if it was time time (late afternoon), my hydration level (ooh, guess I did kinda slack on the H2O this a.m.) or simply my mood, but I did NOT want to run today. However, the weather was just oh so gorgeous – 70 degrees in Boston – that I didn’t want to resort to the gym. So what did I do? I laced up my sneakers and created my very own outdoor interval workout. I just have to share ’cause ladies, this one’s a keeper. 

What You’ll Need: Some kind of pretty place to run (i.e. a park, reservoir, trail) with benches preferably, pair of sneaks, cute form-fitting running gear (or something you feel great in) and kick-ass tunes on your ‘Pod. 

The Drill: If you are lucky enough to be at an area that has TONS of sporadic benches, you can do the exact workout I did as follows: 

*Repeat until you’ve reached approximately 2.5 to 3 miles with NO resting (in my case this equalled about 10 benches OR 100 step ups total-my legs are feelin’ goood)

-Sprint to bench #1

-10 step-ups on bench (5 on each leg)

-Walk briskly to bench # 2

-10 step-ups on bench 

Modified Drill: If you are in an area with zero benches do be found, don’t worry! You can still complete a successful interval workout that’ll get your heart-rate up in no time. Try sprinting for 30 seconds, doing jumping jacks or sit ups (or rotating the 2), and then walking for a minute. Continue the sequence until you’ve completed a total of 2.5 to 3 miles as above. 

Cool Down: Complete the drill with 3 sets of 20 sit-ups. Then cool down for 10 minutes by stretching out your legs (you worked ’em hard). Also, take some time to just lay there on the grass soaking up the scene & breathing. Deep breaths. Trust: it feels amazing. Then walk home : ) Your workout is done, girl! 

What I LOVE about the workout: Since I didn’t want to run, and let’s face it that happens sometimes, this was the perfect alternative with just as good, if not better, results. I was sweating up a storm, in the zone, and most importantly not bored one bit. It kept me anticipating for the next bench to come, and running my little heart out during the sprints. And my iPod was playing the best of songs, like it knew I needed some extra motivation. 

Hooray for a successful, unexpected workout! 

Time-Saving Tricks for the Busy Lady: Exercise, Cooking & More

25 Oct


I’m a big fan of doing things that save me time. After all, my time (and your time) is precious so why complicate life any further by doing things that are going to take away our time? When you find yourself saying, “Now if only I had more time in the day…” ,”I just have no time to_____” or “I’m soooooo busy with my new job. I never have any time!” first of all, stop. You are being annoying, and it’s not true. You do have time; really I promise you do. And second of all, maybe it’s time to reconsider how you are are spending your time and do something about it! If you’re anything like me, you want to relish every waking hour, minute and second of your day, so here are some time-saving tricks for the busy lady who “doesn’t have any time”. 

Save Time During Your Workout: This is something a whole lot of people struggle with. “I don’t have time to go to the gym, so I just won’t go,” is something I hear every day. Do you really not have any possible time to squeeze in a workout, or do you just not have time to take two hours out of your day? News flash: workouts don’t have to be marathon sessions! In fact, short and sweaty wins the race in most cases.

Take today for example. I had a lot to do, but still wanted to give my body a good workout, so I incorporated strength training with cardio intervals into one quick, 45-minute workout. The entire round trip (including transportation) took less than an hour. Now, that’s what I call efficient. I used to think I had to live at the gym for two hours at a time (including an hour just for cardio alone) to see results, but now I’ve transformed my routine drastically. Today I did a metabolism-boosting workout I tore out of Women’s Health magazine that you can find here. (I like the Tabata method best.) With quick movements and little resting time, I was dripping in sweat in no time, a feeling that I absolutely adore. I love, love, looove challenging my body in new ways, and that’s exactly what this workout did for me. I concluded with five fast ‘n’ furious minutes on the step mill, with 10 minutes of intervals (15 second sprint followed by 30 seconds moderate) on the elliptical. I was in and out of there in 45 minutes. How’s that for time-saving? 

Save Time in the Morning: You know when you wake up for work and you want to smash your alarm clock then go into monster-mode for the next hour? Well, what if I told you you could have up to 60 additional minutes of sleep? Sounds pretty tempting now, doesn’t it? There are a few things you can do in the evening to shed time off your morning get-ready scramble:

  • shower at night (-up to 30 minutes if you let your hair air-dry)
  • pack a lunch before bed, something my roommates are experts at (-5 to 10 minutes and hundreds of calories from buying lunch at work)
  • set your coffee pot on automatic the night before (-3 minutes OR 15 minutes if you’re one to stop on the way to work…the lines at Starbucks these days are insane!)
  • take it back to middle school days and lay out an outfit (-up to 30 minutes on “I look fat” / “Nothing looks good on me” days)
  • make a quickie breakfast, instead of stopping for bagels, like oatmeal ‘n’ organic nut butter or a healthy smoothie with banana, berries, soy milk and protein powder. (-15 minutes from bagel detour, -150 calories, + a whole lot-o’ energy) 

Save Time in the Kitchen: I know a lot of people who moan that they don’t have time to cook, and end up settling for take-out or frozen meals. But guess what, you do have time to cook if you cook it right! The biggest misconception people have is that cooking has to be complicated and time-consuming. But it most definitely does not. I am living proof of that because most of my (extremely healthy meals) take less than 15 minutes to prepare! Nothing painful about that. Some of my faves?

  • Chop up a bunch of veggies like zucchini, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and asparagus, put them in a baking dish, drizzle on salt and olive oil, pop ’em in the oven and roast for 30 minutes on 400 degrees. 
  • Bake a sweet potato and top with agave & cinnamon (for sweet) or olive oil, cajun and red pepper flakes (for spicy). Pair with brown rice or a big, fun salad.
  • Speaking of salads, jazz up a boring salad with avocado, walnuts, tomatoes, feta cheese, apple bits, pear, and even tofu! Buy whatever is in season in the supermarket, then have fun with your salads…get creative!
  • Sauté chicken or salmon with a little olive oil, lemon, dill/rosemary/other herbs you have on hand. I also LOVE topping salmon with plain greek yogurt mixed with dijon mustard and dill. The greek yogurt is a perfect substitute for mayo! 
  • Sauteed veggies in garlic! Garlic makes any dish extra delish. Add the veggies to a salad, some brown rice or whole grain pasta or enjoy on their own!
  • Breakfast for dinner: Make an egg white omelet with 2 egg whites whisked with a little water, mushrooms, onions, spinach and some low fat cheddar or feta cheese. Serve with a piece of ezekiel toast with Smart Balance butter , some grapefruit wedges and even some turkey bacon! (Mmm)
  • Take a trip to Trader Joe’s! They always have delicious, ready-to-go healthy meals. My favorites are their packaged rissotto (takes about 5 minutes to cook), frozen mahi burgers (you can grill or saute stove-top), and ready-to-go sushi & salads. 
  • Have fun with lean ground turkey-form into burgers or cook in with zucchini and onion and cajun seasoning for a zesty dinner

To save even more time in the kitchen, try cooking your meals ahead of time and storing them in the freezer. That way, you can have a meal ready to go for you and your family instead of worrying about cooking all night long. I understand, you’re tired and not in the mood. Also look into places near you that make pre-packaged healthy meals, like my recent post on Healthy Habits Kitchen. 

What do you do to save time throughout the day? Do you hear yourself saying, “I don’t have time” more often than not? 

Can’t Get Motivated to Workout? Grab a Few Friends!

21 Oct

I just got off the phone with one of my best friends from college. It was so good to hear her voice, shoot the shit and catch up with everything  going on in our lives (let’s just say, that’s a lot). In the midst of our discussion on our latest love interests and Halloween costumes, my friend mentioned she’s  been doing P90X with a few of her roommates and friends. “Oh, and we’re also eating super healthy. Lean meats, lots of veggies and fruits. It’s great.” WHAT?! From someone who used to eat loads of bagels, processed foods and Manwiches (ha), I couldn’t have been more thrilled about her new, healthy lifestyle. 

She explained to me that with her hectic job (working 40 to 50 hour weeks) and social life, she finds it hard to eat healthy and exercise. The trick? Grab a few friends to motivate you! Now that her entire apartment is on the same “get healthy” page, it’s so much easier for her to incorporate healthiness into her lifestyle. Every night, the entire apartment does 90 minutes of exercise together, they cook delicious wholesome meals together, and motivate one another when others are slacking. It’s the perfect formula for those trying to get in shape but just need a little more oomph, a little extra push. 

Take my sister and her roommates for example. Now that they’re big, bad seniors they’re starting to realize they can’t eat crap for the rest of their lives. This year, they’ve all been experimenting in the kitchen with new creative recipes and have ditched their not-s0-healthy meal plans. They also push each other when it comes to exercise too! The four roomies explained to me that they used to hate running with a passion, but are now beginning to enjoy it because of the goals they create for one another. One plans to run her first 5K and my sister is working her way up to 6 miles. (Way to go girls!

The power of having a workout buddy (or three) can really go a long way, and I highly encourage you to snag a few! I myself sometimes enjoy the solo workout, but I’m not going to lie: when I have a running buddy I tend to go much farther because suddenly it doesn’t feel so much like a workout. I also tend to push through an entire routine if I have someone there rooting me on, or screaming in my face, “Just one more rep!” Really, it’s like having your own personal trainer, like you have to finish or you’ll be judged or diqualified. (Think: Jillian Michaels on The Biggest Loser

Some Ideas to get you & your friends motivated: 

  • Create your own Biggest Loser competition, where you weigh in once a week and keep one another on track
  • Take turns cooking healthy meals each week. Tonight I’m cooking chicken and mashed sweet potatoes for the roomies! It’s so much fun when you’re cooking for someone else : ) 
  • Drag each other’s asses to the gym, grab a machine next to your pal and try to out-run one another. If one stops, push each other to keep going
  • Bring workout routines from magazines like Self and Women’s Health. Tonight I’ll be working out solo, so these types of routines keep me accountable to finish all the way through!
  • Sign up for a race together (like a 5K or 10K in your neighborhood), then train with each other after work!
  • Do push ups, sit ups, lunges, etc. during commercial breaks of your fave TV shows
  • Bake a healthy dessert for the apartment, so you aren’t sneaking into the Halloween bowl every night
  • Bundle up for post-dinner strolls to vent about your day and chat with your favorite pals
  • Research healthy recipes & challenging workouts on the internet, then post them on your refrigerator for motivation

What are your workout motivations? Do you like working out with a buddy or ridin’ solo? 

Let it Out: Exercise is the New Drug

12 Oct

I have a confession: I don’t get angry much but last night I was fuming. I won’t go into details about why/who/what caused my anger, but let’s just say my blood was boiling. I guess anger wouldn’t even really describe it; pissed, shocked, stunned, steaming may be better words. I was actually shaking…literally. All I wanted to do was go for a run (but I had already done that before the anger came on and it was now too dark outside). Then I thought about kickboxing and realized that too was not rational at the moment. 

So I took a deep breathe (or 15), stood in the shower for a loooong time just thinking, made some hot tea, heated up my corn bag (it’s this homemade heating pad I’m obsessed with) and went to bed. Everything would be fine in the morning, right? Wrong. I had one of those *good* dreams where you wake up and realize shit, it was just a dream, hence already started my morning on the wrong foot. I woke up still feeling on edge (to the max), and that’s when I decided it was time to let my aggression out. No, I didn’t punch anyone (although I coulda) or down vodka (wayyy to early for that).

Instead, I booked it to the gym for an early morning cardio strenth training class. If this doesn’t help I don’t know what will. When the extremely ripped instructor told me to grab two sets of weights, a weighted bar, four stacked blocks for stepping, resistance bands, and sliders, I knew I’d come to the right class. This was going to be one long and sweaty session…right up my alley! I lunged like I’d never lunged before, I grape-vined like it was my job, I challenged my body, and I pushed myself to the limits. I was sweating, out of breath and in the zone. 

Once the class ended, I felt like a brand new woman. The power of exercise is unreal. It’s like a drug, one that’s extremely good for you! I walked out of the gym feeling terrific, shaking my ass down the street, admiring my toned arms and feeling good. It’s funny because when I woke up this morning I was feeling quite the opposite (even though I was the same old Rachel), but just 60-minutes of exercise gave me a brand new outlook. 

The anger has now passed and I’m feeling absolutely fabulous, ready to take on the day! Lesson learned? Next time I get all angry and fuming, I’m going to sweat it out, blast some Paula Abdul or Madonna and punch, kick, crunch, jumping-jack, lunge my anger away (even if it is midnight and the rest of the apartment building is sleeping). It’s so worth it. 

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