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Lookin’ Good in Them Genes

13 Dec

The other day, I was complaining about being Color Blind to the boy I am dating. It’s extremely rare for a girl to be Color Blind, but I unfortunately got the bad gene – something about dominant traits in my dad mixed with my mom’s carrier trait turned into Rachel being Color Blind. I complain like it’s the end of the world, but it’s not like I can’t see color. Whenever I tell people, they ask me “What color is the sky?” “What color is the grass?” Yellow and purple, duh! Seriously, people. Along with my lovely Color Blind trait, I also got the brown hair and the brown (sometimes green, so I guess hazel) eyes, while my sister is blonde with crystal blue eyes. C’mon gene pool, why me?

But as much as I complain, I realize all my traits (weird, bad, ugly and good) come from my family, and that makes me love everything about myself all over again – even if that means calling a friend over every time I need to find the “green” in Word and not being a blonde, blue-eyed babe. In fact, I actually love the fact that I’m naturally brunette- it matches my skin and eyes perfectly. I’ll also accept the fact that I got the curvy genes with the tiny waist, big butt and thighs. It makes wearing an LBD so much more fun!

But it’s not just the exterior traits that come from my fam. It’s everything about me. Since my parents are from Connecticut, I’m lucky enough to get to see them a few times a month to catch up and share some good laughs. Yesterday, they came up to spend some time with their lovely daughter and to meet….dun dun dun…the boy she’s dating, and it only reminded me how much I freakin’ love my family…just the way they are. My dad’s one of those outgoing guys who knows everyone and can work his way into anything, and would do absolutely anything for his daughters, and my mom’s his adorable little sidekick who says the most hilarious things when she’s not even trying to be funny. We may laugh at her a little more than we should, but we love her nonetheless! (ha, hi mom!) Then there’s my beautiful sister who is my other half; we balance each other perfectly. 

Anyway, after spending some time with my parents yesterday I realized I get all my quirky little traits from them. I’m silly and sometimes ditzy like my mom, I talk too much like my dad, I pick at my food (and everyone else’s food) like my mom, I can take back tequila like my dad, I am sensitive and caring like my mom, I have a sense of humor like my dad, I like to write letters and homemade cards for my friends like my mom, I like going out and talking to anyone and everyone like my dad, I laugh at myself like both of my parents, and can sometimes think I am always right like…both my parents. I love to go shopping and cook like my mom, but learned to run and attempt to like sports like my dad. I am me because of both of them, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So Color Blind or not, I love living in the genes I was given. 

Are you more like your mom or your dad? What are some of your unique traits? 


Friday Recap: 4 Things I Learned This Week

10 Dec


TGIF fellow Healthy Chicks! You’ve finally made it to Friday, and can officially enjoy the week being over. However, instead of celebrating the weekend, I’m going to do a little recap on this week as I’ve learned a lot these past few days…

# 1. Fake Christmas Trees Just Don’t Cut it (And Never Will): The other day I witnessed my first real Christmas tree of the season. I walked into my friend’s apartment and the second I stepped foot inside I could just smell it, fresh pine needles mixed with Christmas that is. I immediately felt warm and happy inside. You see, since we live in a teeny tiny apartment, we decided to settle with decorating our fake palm tree with ornaments and a little tinsel. While it looks pretty, it’s simply not the same. I will never understand fake Christmas trees, and you can ensure I will never have one once I can afford my own place. I already have a whole box of ornaments stored away for when I finally have my first tree (my mom gives my sister and I a few each year for Christmas)!

#2 A Restaurant Serving of Pad Thai will Last You Three Meals: The other night, I went out for Thai and of course ordered my absolute favorite dish: Pad Thai. Some of you may be squirming in your seats because obviously Pad Thai isn’t the healthiest dish – it sometimes comes in at a whopping 900+ calories. However, that’s no need to deprive yourself of a dish you love! Get what you truly want, eat until you’re satisfied and then take the rest home. Let me tell you, I ate my little heart out the night I went out to eat, and still had enough for TWO additional meals- yes, two! Restaurant servings can be far too large for the typical Healthy Chick, but you don’t have to fear them. Just doggie bag them (hehe).

#3 Don’t Overdo it When You’re Sick: I felt a cold coming on a few days ago, but tried to be Super Woman with an “I can do anything” attitude. I did Core Fusion (hey, gotta tone the butt), I hung out with The Boy (all day, oops), I went out for a nice dinner, I ran around like a mad woman trying to finish my Christmas shopping, I drank coffee when I knew it would further dehydrate me, I stayed up late (watching movies and reading blogs), I vigorously cleaned the entire house…I simply didn’t stop. Today it finally hit me and it hit me hard. That’s why I’m currently wrapped up in a blanket on the couch with my laptop and The Apprentice on DVR. Enough is enough. 

#4 Coconut Oil is a Miracle Oil: Ever since I used a heaping scoop of coconut oil in my gluten free cupcakes a few weeks ago, I’ve seen this oil everywhere. In fact, one of my Twitter followers @meagher_erin sent me some Kelapo Coconut Oil to sample. I never realized how much you can do with this stuff! It’s good for your skin (works like a moisturizer), can help with digestion (add some in your next cookies, or even thai rice dish), and can even smooth your hair-move over, expensive conditioners! Honestly, how many oils can you eat, rub onto your skin and put in your hair – that actually smell good. Not many!

How has your week been? What did you take out of your week…learn anything new? 

What’s on My…iPod, workout schedule, mind?

3 Dec

Happy Friday fellow healthy chicks, and hooray for the glorious weekend ahead! Since it’s Friday and I know you’re all just itching to get out of work and get your hands on a martini, I’ll keep this post short ‘n’ sweet. Today we’re going to play a little game over at Healthy Chicks so that you all can get to know me better, and I too can hopefully get to know YOU better along the way. 

What’s on My…? 

iPod: Newly downloaded songs= Katy Perry’s “Firework” (totally motivating and great for an energy boost, plus she totally rocked it at the VS Fashion Show), One Republic’s “Secrets” (also gets me going in the morning along with my coffee), Paramore’s “The Only Exception” (how can you not love this song?), Sad Brad Smith’s “Help Yourself” (have been obsessed since watching the movie “Up in the Air“), George Harrison’s “What is Life” (an oldie but a goodie).

Refrigerator Shelves: Honestly, I’m embarrassed ’cause there isn’t much right now- definitely time to hit up Trader Joe’s. Currently I have eggs (I heart making egg white omelets), a bunch of veggies (including spinach, cucumber, carrots and zucchini), marinara sauce (leftover from when I made “Spaghetti (squash) & Meatballs”, light string cheese, fresh mozzarella cheese (I’m a sucker for the real thing), apples, an orange and brown rice wraps. 

Workout Sched: This afternoon I’m going for a 2ish mile run with my best friend (she’s running her first 5K in a couple of weeks, yay her!) followed by some Core Fusion Body Sculpt in the apartment. I’m going to try to squeeze in a long run this weekend (5 to 6 miles I hope) as well as some yoga/weights at the gym!

To-Do List: It’s a little scary, but it includes interviewing a salon owner for my PT job, buy Christmas presents for mom, dad, sister, friends, etc., edit recipe book & place orders [will probably order 50 to 100 and sell holiday specials], buy a scarf for a special girl who deserves it, pit-stop to Sephora for some makeup, pit stop at CVS for all the essentials, browse Victoria’s Secret for Christmas goodies, grocery shopping, buy mini things for Florida trip so I won’t have to check my bag (gotta follow the 3.4 oz. rule), and the list goes on and on…

Mind: “I can’t wait for Florida…”, “What’s for lunch?…”, “Wow, that dude next to me has crazy hair…”, “This cappuccino is delish…”, “Seriously, what do you get dads for Christmas?…”

Lips: Vaseline (so good for winter chapped lips) & Bath and Body Works’ “My Favorite Lip Balm” with shea butter and almond oil. (It really is my favorite lip balm-I swear by this stuff)

Cool Bookmarked Pages:, OMG Facts, PostSecret, Etsy

Calendar next two weeks: Comedy show, Sunday Funday with my friend Megan, a few meetings, two work holiday parties, Ugly Sweater Party (debating whether to go or not), 4 day road trip to Florida, 5K Jingle Run!

If you have the time, fill in the blanks on some of the above questions…I’d love to learn more about you too!! 

How to Handle a “Fat Day”

8 Oct


Fat days. We all know ’em. We all hate ’em. And they happen to the best of us: the skinny people, the curvy people, the happy people and the moody people. Let’s face it: fat days are inevitable my friends, but it doesn’t mean they have to suck as much as they tend to do. I’m writing this post because I had a…dun dun dun (my attempt at scary, frightening music)…fat day yesterday. I woke up and I just felt like a big, bloated blob. It had nothing to do with how I looked in the mirror, what my friends said, or the scale (in fact, I didn’t even weigh myself). I just felt like a big girl, even though in reality I know I am not. I’ll admit: I don’t have fat days very much now, but they still happen once in a blue moon. I used to have “fat days” nearly every day in college…especially sophomore year when I was ironically much thinner than I am now. That’s because “fat days” are mental…it’s an emotion and a feeling in your head, not a reality. You can wake up and “feel fat,” but to the outside world you’re still the same, beautiful, wonderful women you were yesterday. You may feel fat for a number of reasons: too much pizza the night before, a bad day at work, a ridiculous fight with your boyfriend, skipping a workout (or 5), or just going through a rut. But in reality nothing has changed about your exterior at all. You are still the same person you were the day before…and the day before that. 

While my personal “fat days” occur far fewer than in my unhealthy past, I won’t deny that they still don’t happen every now and then. The difference is that now I know how to handle these unfortunate days. My solution used to be kicking the scale in fury (really, I’d kick it across the bathroom like it was my worst enemy), having a mental breakdown, and starving myself the rest of the day while throwing myself a pity party. I remember one day in particular in college that I literally had a panic attack, uncontrollably crying to my roommate for no reason other than that I felt “fat.” She told me I was beautiful, that I looked the same as I always do, that it was all in my head. Now I know she was right along. I am beautiful (and so are you). I (and you) do look the same you always do. And it is all in our heads. 

But how do we handle these damn fat days that sneak up on us once in a while? I am here to tell you my surefire way to deal with the big, bad elephant in the room and move on with it. The next time you have a “fat day,” you’ll kick its big, fat ass (really you will). 

Step 1- Realize Where Your Feelings are Coming From: Are you stressed? Over-tired? Physically feeling bloated ’cause your jeans won’t zip? Pissed off at a friend? Guilty of overeating? In a poopy mood because of the dreary weather? You must find the culprit first, and that will help you better understand your feelings. For me it was a mixture of physically feeling bloated with having *one of those days* due to many things (I was feeling lazy, uninspired, pissy, with maybe a touch of PMS). The bloat thing was easy to solve. While I didn’t get fatter overnight (um, impossible), I didn’t really hydrate myself the day before, hence holding on to a heck of a lot of water weight. I also enjoyed some salty late-night eats, making me extra-bloated. No girl likes bloat. Solution? Drink more water! All day yesterday I guzzled the H2O and felt fabulous. As for the blah day, I realized I just needed to get out of the house, “unplug” and do something (anything!) and maybe I’d start to feel a little better. And boy did that do the trick. Once I found the source of my problem (re: the fat day), I realized quickly it was all in my head. 

Step 2- Do Something Sexy: Put on your hottest, curve-hugging dress. Rock those skinny jeans! Wear that risqué VS thong you save only for *special days*. Today is a special day. It’s a day for you, so make yourself feel your ultimate best! Straighten your hair if you usually wear it curly, dab on some perfume even if you are just going to the grocery store (hey, ya never know), shake your hips and take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Yup, you’re sexy and wonderful. The fat thing was all in your head. I put on my go-to “skinny” yoga pants I got for $8 at Marshall’s and immediately felt a little better. The worst thing you can do for yourself is hide under layers of baggy sweats and sulk in front of the TV because you feel fat and gross. Get dressed up for you even if that just means putting on a fave piece of jewelry, squirting pretty body spray or wearing your go-to yoga pants (like me). 

Step 3- Get Moving: Get out and embrace the day! In college, if I felt fat, I’d have a “fat”, I-feel-bad-for-myself day where I’d lay in bed, cry and eat stupid zero-calorie food. blah. What’s the fun in that? GET OUT OF THE HOUSE GIRL! LIVE A LITTLE! Get moving and soon you’ll start to forget you were ever feeling down. It’s the same thing as when you’re having a “bad day.” Once you get out, start laughing and find a distraction, you quickly forget why you were even upset in the first place. Go grocery shopping. Take a trip to your favorite park. If you’re stuck at work, go for a quick stroll on your lunch break to get out of the office. Yesterday, I went for a 3.5 mile run (it helped a little), took a long hot, steamy shower (it helped a little more), lotioned up (getting closer), and then booked it to the park with a few good books and a notepad to write. The trip to the park did the trick. I was able to refocus and concentrate on *me*. Do what works for you!

Step 4-Eat Something Delicious: The number one mistake I made in college was starving myself on fat days. That actually works against you! How the hell is a day of eating iceberg lettuce, sugar-free jello, and egg beaters going to improve your mood? It’d actually make me feel worse. We need to eat food that makes us feel good, ignites our taste buds and that we can enjoy. When I was in Italy a few years ago, I ate whatever the hell I wanted – pasta, pizza, gelato, risotto, seafood, fresh bread, gourmet cheeses – and guess what? I didn’t have a single fat day over there. Not one. Fuel your body. Enjoy your food. Eat what you love and move on with it. I could have very well sulked yesterday, ate a banana and called it a day. But instead, I fought through it. I made my fave breakfast from when I was a little kid (“a kill-da-guy-egg”, don’t ask), and you bet your butt I enjoyed every last bite of it. 

Step 5 (The Most Important)-Move On: Tomorrow is another day and I assure you this stupid, fat feeling will go away. It doesn’t control you. It’s just a feeling, a figment of your imagination and if you don’t let it get to you, it won’t. Tackle your next “fat day.” Show it who’s boss (and that my lovely lady is you.)

The Ripple Effect: Women Motivating Other Women

20 Sep


I received an email from my mom this morning saying how proud she was of me for running my first 10K. Then she said something that really got me thinking: “You are motivating many!” She went on by saying after I ran the race, it motivated her and two of her friends to run their first 5K (maybe even next weekend)! And that just felt incredible. The fact that a simple act like running a 10K can motivate other women (including my mom) to run their first race is absolutely amazing.

The funny thing is I had been motivated by my friend Megan to sign up for the race in the first place. She told me about it and I was weary at first (“Am I ready for this?” “Will I be able to finish it?”), but then I continued to be motivated by family members, friends and other women in the blogging community. Everyone had such inspirational, positive comments to say and that helped me pump myself up enough to finally sign up. I honestly don’t think I’d have gotten enough courage to go ahead and do it without all the wonderful support from others. You see, it’s a ripple effect of sort. Megan motivated me to even think about running a 10K, then other women continued to support my decision to sign up, and then once I finished the 10K my mom and her two friends are now motivated to complete their first race. It’s little baby steps like this that lead to big, big things and it’s such a wonderful chain of positivity. 

It’s women motivating other women and that’s just plain beautiful. You see, it’s easy to get caught up in the ugly world of envy and jealousy. “She’s so much prettier than me…I’ll never look like that in my skinny jeans…I can’t believe she ran a half marathon…I’ll NEVER be able to do that…Ugh, she would get all the guys…it’s just not fair.” You hear these kinds of comments all of the time. But lately, I’ve been hearing and seeing women motivating other women in a positive way instead. Take the blogging and tweeting community alone. It’s amazing how many women are out there doing amazing things, and how much everyone can learn from one another. Whether it’s trying out a recipe you saw on another blogger’s website (and telling her how amazing it was), or being inspired by a woman who has come a long way in life (weight loss, a life revelation, etc.) women are inspiring women everywhere! 

I even see it in my daily life with friends, family and people on the street. It makes me want to cry of joy sometimes because it’s just so amazing that women have finally gotten to that point where we can be inspired by one another, rather than jealous of one another’s pant size. I challenge you to find 10 women that inspire you today and go ahead and tell them that. Then you’ll start a ripple effect of your very own and watch how it blossoms into full force.

6 Non-Trends I’m Loving Right NOW

16 Sep

I’ve never been too much of a trends girl. In fact, if we’re talking fashion I’m farrrrr from “trendy.” I wear what I think looks good on me and what I feel comfy in. Yes, I have a pair of Uggs and no, I don’t think they look cute by any means. I just think they are the most comfortable things to prance around with in the winter. If people are raving about a certain restaurant or bar, I don’t fall for it until I try it myself, and I thought the whole hot yoga thing was ridiculous until I took a class. BUT, I do make my own trends and there are a few things I’m absolutely loving right now that I thought I’d share with you. Trendy or not, here goes:

Dog Days are Over: Yes, the song. If you watched the VMA’s then you surely saw Florence and the Machine’s performance of this absolutely amazing song. Seriously, it’s so inspiring and motivating, making for the absolute best song to run to. If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to it now. Just don’t blame me if you want to start dancing crazily around your apartment (or at work). 

Butternut/Spaghetti Squash: It’s official: my two favorite squashes are back. I saw them both on sale at Trader Joe’s the other day, and I can wait to get my hands on some of them. I plan to make butternut squash baked with cinnamon, agave syrup and nutmeg, the absolute perfect fall dish. I also can’t wait to make my famous “Spaghetti and Meatballs” made with turkey meat balls and spaghetti squash. Nifty, huh? 

Fall dresses: Even though summer’s over, I loooooooveeeee wearing dresses in the fall. I’m a dress girl. If you look in my closet, you will see that 85% of it is dedicated to dresses, of all colors, lengths and patterns. I particularly like pairing flowery dresses with boots and a cute scarf, or neutral dresses with a pair of flats. If you’ve got a summer dress that’s a little short but still wanna rock it, pair it with some cute leggings and some flats!

Mixing Coffee Flavors:  Going out for coffee every day can get expensive, so I’ve been attempting to make it from home. Lately, I’ve been exploring new coffee flavors, instead of always sticking with my same old french vanilla. I also love mixing flavors you never would have thought i.e. chocolate truffle with hazelnut. Just do a scoop of each, add in a cup of water and you’re golden! Lately, I’m obsessed with the cinnamon hazelnut I found at the supermarket the other week. Cinnamon hazelnut with fresh vanilla? YUM. I just add in a little vanilla or chocolate soy milk and it’s to-die-for.

Twitter: If you haven’t noticed, I’ve recently became mildly obsessed with Twitter. I know this is something everyone is doing, but it took me a couple years to get into it. I’ve had a personal account for more than a year, but never seemed to get into it. (Maybe that’s why I only had 50 followers?) Anyway, now I officially love it, and have been updating my status quite frequently every day since last month when I created my account. Follow me @healthy_chicks to join the fun!

In-House Yoga: I know it’s not as fun or “classy” as joining a fancy yoga studio surrounded my cool, hip yogis, but when you’re on a budget this will do. I’ve been doing On Demand Yoga in my apartment, and particularly like the quick “Less is More” segment I came across the other day. I also have been attempting to practice my own yoga, going through several flows both standing and on the floor. So far, so good. Maybe soon I’ll be doing it in the park…once I get a little more confident in my poses that is! 

What are some things you’re obsessed with these days? Anything out-of-the-ordinary we should all know about? 

Sexiness is a Sate of Mind: Let it Shine Through!

15 Sep


Sexy. The dictionary defines it as three things: 1. provoking or intended to provoke sexual interest, 2. feeling sexual interest; aroused 3. interesting, exciting, or trendy. However, I don’t  feel sexy is really definable when you think about it, as it’s relative to the person at hand. What may be sexy to one isn’t necessarily sexy to another i.e. the guy I was drooling at while at the bar last weekend, my friend found to be “heinous.” Yes, she indeed used the word heinous. You can compare cars, dresses, ties, shoes, restaurants and everyone is going to have their own definition as to what he or she finds sexy. 

On other notes, what makes a woman feel sexy changes from person to person as well. And I was very interested in digging deeper into the minds of different women of all ages to see what sexy means to them. First I’ll start with myself. This may seem strange, but I feel my absolute sexiest when I’m in tight workout clothes heading out for a workout. Yes, a form-fitting tank and some cute cropped yoga pants with a pony makes me feel 1,000000 times sexier than when I’m decked out to the nines in heels and a dress. Why? Because I’m doing something that makes me feel good about myself (exercising) and in turn makes me feel good about my body and my look. Hence after a long, sweaty workout I feel oh so sexy on the inside out (yes, even if I have sweat dripping down my face and my hair is a little knotty). No perfume, minimal make up, lots of sweat and still I feel on top of the world. 

The thing that I realized is: sexiness is a current sate of mind, an attitude of sorts that varies from person to person.

Another reader agreed with me on what sexy is to her, saying that she feels her absolute best after finishing a race. Why? Because she feels amazing about what she just accomplished, in turn making her feel confident and hot. Some women said it had more to do with glamour, and they feel their best with painted nails, super high heels and a hot, trendy dress. This, I’m guessing, is because they feel good about themselves in the mirror and this feel-good state carries outwardly. I can relate to these women in a way. Sometimes when I’m in super high heels and a glamorous outfit, I know I look good, so I feel good on the inside and my confidence shines (it’s a chain of sorts). Therefore, while I may look like the same old Rachel to the outside eye, the inside Rachel is feeling sexy and confident and that’s what people see.

I had some other more unique responses. One woman said she feels her sexiest after a few glasses of wine because after having kids her body isn’t the way it used to be, in turn making her feel sexy much less often. While she said she is working on it, I suggested to her that sexiness is a state of mind and if she can find something that makes her feel good on the inside, I can assure that she’ll in turn feel sexy on the outside. Maybe this could mean throwing on some sensual lingerie that she feels good in, not that her husband will necessarily like. Or it may mean putting on some tunes and dancing around the house half naked, just letting lose. There’s a million things to do that can alter your inner mindset, letting your sexiness explode. The thing is it has to be something you do for you not someone else; that’s when your true sexiness will shine. 

Some have no problem with feeling sexy, and walk through life with confidence and sex appeal every day. That’d be nice to be one of those people, but for the most of us the feeling of sexiness comes and goes. One woman responded with an extremely bold and honest answer. “I feel my sexiest when I’m having sex.” What a blunt answer. Then I thought about it, and can understand how for some women this is a huge boost of confidence. I mean, what other time are you more in tune with your body? If you can feel your sexiest when you’re having…um…sex then more power to you! I think that’s a wonderful thing.

When it’s all said and done, sexiness is healthy and us women shouldn’t be afraid to feel sexy and be sexy. It’s empowering, stimulating and such a confidence booster. So I dare you to go out and be sexy today. Rock the sexiness, and feel it from the inside out! 

When do you feel your sexiest? Do you recall any times you’ve felt not-so-sexy or things you’ve done to boost your sexy confidence? 

The Recipe to a Happy, Simple Saturday

11 Sep

First off, I’d like to take a moment to honor this day, and remember all of the loved ones who were lost. We should all keep that in mind throughout the day, and try to maintain a positive, hopeful mindset for the future. 

I plan to spend this gorgeous Boston fall Saturday as simply as possible. No crazy plans or hectic appointments. Instead I’m going to relax, reflect and be happy. It’s said a picture’s worth a thousand words so instead of my usual wordy posts, I decided to enlighten you with photographs instead. This is how I plan to spend my lazy yet thought-provoking Saturday…

Seek out life’s simple pleasures. Find joy in the little things. This can be going for a walk and feeling the crisp fall air blow through your hair, or sending a “thinking of you” note or a hug to a friend in need…



Paint your nails…a pretty color…on the porch outside…with your best friends

Finally tackle that pile of laundry you’ve been procrastinating all week…


Do something crafty and creative, like organizing your bulletin board or starting a crochet


Drink a lot of H2O (with lemon if you have it)… I have to admit, I’ve been slacking off lately now that the weather is cooler


…and of course chug your favorite coffee (I chose DD’s iced toasted almond, but they now have *pumpkin* too)


Indulge in your fave girly mags…Self and Glamour I love you!


…and then move on to some more sophisticated reading (I really need to get going on this book already)


Snack on healthy, savory eats throughout today like these delicious Snapea Crisps!


…and then pamper yourself with an Oatmeal facial (1/4 to 1/2 c. oats+1/4 c. warm water+10-15 minutes of facial time=amazing)


Have a lovely Saturday afternoon everyone! How do you plan to spend your Saturday? R&R or fun & sassy? 

Bring Your Inner Beauty OUT

7 Sep

This morning after breakfast, I went into the bathroom for my usual makeup routine. Moisturizer. check. Few dabs of liquid concealer. Check. Touch of powder. Check. Mascara. Check. Eyeliner. Check. Then I saw some bright pinkish/purply lipstick at the bottom of the bag, something I haven’t used for a verrryy long time. After all, I’m a pretty simple girl and normally just stick with clear lip gloss or vaseline if anything on my lips. But today was different. This lipstick had a story behind it. “bibo,” it read in cursive across the outside. “bibo? what the hell is bibo?” Then I remembered what it stood for when my mom gave it to me a few years ago: bringing inner beauty out. 

So what did I do? I grabbed ahold of that lipstick, twisted it up and applied some on my lips. Sure, it’s bright and a little bit much but I was going to rock this lipstick for all that it’s worth today. That’s exactly when I decided that I would also make today dedicated for bringing my own inner beauty out. No feeling fat. No feeling sorry for myself. No comparing myself to other women. No, today I will rock my purple lipstick, throw on a cute outfit, smile and feel absolutely beautiful from the inside out. 

So what exactly does that mean? What the heck is bringing your inner beauty out? How does one take the beautiful woman who lies inside of them and bring that out? Well after some serious thinking, I decided what that means to me, and think you too can learn to appreciate your inner beauty…and let that shine loudly from the inside out.

Bringing your inner beauty out is…

*Eating that fresh, homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookie or slice of pizza and not feeling guilty about it for the rest of the day. It won’t make you fatter. You still are beautiful

*Putting on that adorable dress that hugs your curves and thinking, “I feel good. I look great in this. My body is wonderful the way it is. I’m going to rock this dress.” 

*Dabbing on some hot red lipstick (or purple in my case), and smiling at every person you walk by on the street

*Telling someone you admire that they are beautiful rather than envying them. Jealousy is ugly. Appreciation is beautiful. 

*Writing a love note to your friend/husband/mom/new crush

*Giving a stranger the 25 cents he needs to cover his coffee, or giving up your seat on the train without thinking twice about it. 

*Covering up that big, ugly zit with a little cover up, and moving on with it. It’ll be gone tomorrow, and here’s a little secret: no one else is looking at it. Go out and enjoy the day! 

*Seeing yourself for who you are when you look in the mirror, rather than what your pant size is or how big your bags under your eyes are today

*Telling that stupid number on the scale to “f*ck you!” That number doesn’t define who you are. Don’t let it ruin the rest of your day. 

*Not feeling sorry for yourself because you are a single girl surrounded by COUPLES, but instead concentrating on Y.O.U and everything you have to offer. Just try to smile and be happy. Men are drawn to happy, confident girls.  (I sometimes struggle with this one, but am working on it). 

*Walking up with confidence to the guy you think is “too good for you” or “too hot for you.” He’s not. Do it. 

*Not beating yourself up over a little arm/thigh jiggle and instead priding yourself for having a body that allows you to move/dance/run/twirl/play. 

*Laughing uncontrollably with your friends, and knowing it’s OK to be silly and act like kids some days, or every day. 

*Telling yourself ten things you absolutely love about yourself and would never want to change. 

*When you’re feeling down about yourself, throw on a comfy outfit and go lay in the grass…in the sun…with a coffee or tea to go. 

What does beautiful mean to you? What’s your advice on bringing your inner beauty out?

Sticky Notes Just Got So Much More Fun!

13 Aug

In a world where rude comments are tossed around daily, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to hear something nice once in a while. An old coworker and I once discussed that if it was someone’s job to simply go around and compliment people, the world would be a much brighter place. It’s amazing how the simplest compliments can completely turn someone’s day around. And if that’s the case, why aren’t we tossing out these compliments more often? I’ve always been one to follow the motto: be careful of what you say and do because you never know what kind of day someone is having. That’s why (for the most part) I choose to be bright, happy and well…nice. There have been times where I’ve been told I’m even “too happy” or “too nice,” but I don’t think there is such a thing, and well…that’s just who I am.

That’s why I am 100% absolutely obsessed with these “Happy Notes” my sister got me for my birthday: “101 sticky note surprises to make you smile.” Now doesn’t that just sound lovely? Not only are sticky notes cool as is, but these little colorful gems actually have inspirational, “feel good” quotes on each one. From “Being With You is Having the Time of My Life” to “Most Problems Don’t Look so Bad After a Glass of LEMONADE,” these little puppies are sure to brighten anyone’s day, or get someone to smile at the very least. The best part? You can tear them out and stick them onto a friend’s desk, door, mirror or shirt to make their blah day a little bit brighter.

So go ahead, toss out a compliment…every one could use a little more love.

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