Sunday Updates

14 Nov

I’m terribly sorry I haven’t updated since Thursday, but I’ve been in Baltimore visiting my younger sister Krista. So that’s a pretty legit excuse, right? Still, I thought I’d update you on some things I’ve been getting myself into down south…

1. Drinking like a college girl: Holy moly has my body changed since college. I just can’t handle the alcohol like I used to be able to, so needless to say I was quite intoxicated on Thursday night when we went to my sister’s friends “happy hour” at a bar. Free entry and $2 mixed drinks? What did they expect? 

2. Lots of Dining: I’ve been dining like a queen since I got here, and am definitely going to have to make up for it this coming week. Lotsa clean eating and core fusion is a-comin’! I have to say, my favorite meal by far was at RA sushi on Friday night. My dad came down from CT to surprise us girls, and took us out for the most amazing sushi of my life. Best part? It was Happy Hour so everything was half off. You bet I dined hardcore, filling up on fried shrimp (YUM), spicy tuna rolls and california rolls galore. It was insane I tell you, insane. I wish they had one of these back in Boston! 

3. Touristy Things: So far I’ve roamed downtown Baltimore, visited the Inner Harbor (it’s beautiful), got some shopping done, and took a trip to DC to visit one of my best friends from college. While in DC, we took a detour to Old Town Alexandria, which was absolutely the cutest little nook ever. It was loaded with vintage shops, craft stores, book stores and little cafes on every street corner. We had a wonderful time just catching up and exploring the town. We also took advantage of a fabulous book store – SIX books for $4! I was one happy girl. 

That’s all for now. More updates to come tomorrow. Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!


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