Kick-Ass 45-Minute Workout

28 Oct

Today was totally one of those afternoons where I just wasn’t feelin’ a loooongg run (or any run for that matter). I don’t know if it was time time (late afternoon), my hydration level (ooh, guess I did kinda slack on the H2O this a.m.) or simply my mood, but I did NOT want to run today. However, the weather was just oh so gorgeous – 70 degrees in Boston – that I didn’t want to resort to the gym. So what did I do? I laced up my sneakers and created my very own outdoor interval workout. I just have to share ’cause ladies, this one’s a keeper. 

What You’ll Need: Some kind of pretty place to run (i.e. a park, reservoir, trail) with benches preferably, pair of sneaks, cute form-fitting running gear (or something you feel great in) and kick-ass tunes on your ‘Pod. 

The Drill: If you are lucky enough to be at an area that has TONS of sporadic benches, you can do the exact workout I did as follows: 

*Repeat until you’ve reached approximately 2.5 to 3 miles with NO resting (in my case this equalled about 10 benches OR 100 step ups total-my legs are feelin’ goood)

-Sprint to bench #1

-10 step-ups on bench (5 on each leg)

-Walk briskly to bench # 2

-10 step-ups on bench 

Modified Drill: If you are in an area with zero benches do be found, don’t worry! You can still complete a successful interval workout that’ll get your heart-rate up in no time. Try sprinting for 30 seconds, doing jumping jacks or sit ups (or rotating the 2), and then walking for a minute. Continue the sequence until you’ve completed a total of 2.5 to 3 miles as above. 

Cool Down: Complete the drill with 3 sets of 20 sit-ups. Then cool down for 10 minutes by stretching out your legs (you worked ’em hard). Also, take some time to just lay there on the grass soaking up the scene & breathing. Deep breaths. Trust: it feels amazing. Then walk home : ) Your workout is done, girl! 

What I LOVE about the workout: Since I didn’t want to run, and let’s face it that happens sometimes, this was the perfect alternative with just as good, if not better, results. I was sweating up a storm, in the zone, and most importantly not bored one bit. It kept me anticipating for the next bench to come, and running my little heart out during the sprints. And my iPod was playing the best of songs, like it knew I needed some extra motivation. 

Hooray for a successful, unexpected workout! 


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