Happy Hump Day: Hump Day Series

6 Oct

“If taking vitamins doesn’t keep you healthy enough, try more laughter” ~Nicolas-Sebastien Chamfort 

I’m starting a new series in my “Healthy Chicks” blog, and that is the Hump Day series, a series dedicated to, well, silliness. After all (as I’ve stated time and time and again) healthiness is more than eating your fruits ‘n’ veggies. So let’s live a little, laugh a lot and be downright silly…

 It’s Wednesday and it feels a lot more like Monday to some of us to why not *laugh it off* to get “over the hump.” Last night, all my roommates were sitting in the living room thinking the same thing: When the heck will this week be over? Then comes Wednesday and those feelings are still there. Wednesdays are tough because you aren’t quite over the hump. It’s like being 20. You aren’t a teenager anymore (wahoo), but then again you can’t legally drink. So you just kinda sit there in the middle feeling lost and eager to get over that hump.

So that’s what my Hump Day series is all about: silly lessons from me (and please do add your witty wisdom) to get you over the midweek hump. From embarrassing moments to obnoxious text messages to random lessons, these posts take that serious edge off your day and let you just sit back, relax…and hopefully laugh a little. 

Alas, the first of the series…

Hump Day Lesson of the Day: Look Before You Drink

The other day I went to chug my chocolate soy milk straight from the carton (ew, gross, that’s so manly…I know) and instead I got a rather strange taste. I accidentally picked up my low sodium chicken broth and chugged that instead…not really the sweet, savory treat I was looking for. It’s your fault Trader Joe’s for putting them both in the same poop-brown colored containers! Grr!

Oh, but it gets worse. A couple of years ago on a scorching, hot 100 degree day I was in dire need of something refreshing, so I naturally went for the ice-cold lemonade in the fridge. Little did I know it was not lemonade. No, it was far from lemonade. My grandmother had chilled clam juice in the fridge for a soup she was concocting. Salty, fishy ice cold Crystal Light it was. Eek!

And then the worst of the worst: in college I was hungover as hell freshman year and stumbled my way to our mini fridge to chug some much needed H2O. I took a huge gulp of the ever-so-cold, refreshing…VODKA!!???!! Literally worst possible thing in the world. To make mattes worse I had an 8 a.m. class to attend…hungover…with vodka breath. And no water to be found. Never good. 

Have you ever accidentally drank something you thought was something else? Sorry if I grossed you out more than I made you laugh, but don’t say a girl never warned ya…


4 Responses to “Happy Hump Day: Hump Day Series”

  1. BrookeNotOnADiet October 6, 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    Well I can’t remember ever drinking something I didn’t expect.

    But there was one time where I got the genius idea to mix Pepsi and beer in a beer bong. I hated the taste of beer and the VERY inexperienced drinker in me thought mixing it would be wise.

    Needless to say it wasn’t…

    • healthychicks October 6, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

      Aww! That sounds like something I’d do! I still HATE the taste of beer, and have literally tried every single thing. I don’t even like Carona or Pumpkin Beer. I try realllly hard to give it a chance, but it just doesn’t jive with me haha

  2. Amanda October 6, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

    One time in high school I somehow had an Advil mixed in with a handful of M&Ms. I’m lucky it didn’t swear me off M&Ms forever. It was the worst taste/feeling…don’t ever chew Advil!

    • healthychicks October 6, 2010 at 2:56 pm #

      O god, must have been sour and gross! I’m telling you when you’re expecting chocolate (re. my soy milk example) and you get something else, it’s never good!

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