Healthy Low fat Fall Recipes

18 Nov

So, I was perusing through the web, when I came across these Top 10 Low fat Fall Recipes by, and knowing me, I just HAD to click on the link. 
While browsing through some of the “top 10,” all of the recipes looked absolutely delicious but I was especially compelled to test out the Stuffed Acorn Squash, Pumpkin Pancakes (though I’ll have to substitute brown rice flour and soy milk to make them gluten/dairy free), and Baked Apples
Those three in particular were screaming “fall,” and envisioning the scents and comfort while cooking these foods put me in a cozy, put-on-some-PJ’s and hit the kitchen mindset.
I can’t wait to try these recipes out throughout the next week, and other fall favorites I come across.
Please, I urge you to share your own healthy fall dishes for others to try in their own kitchen! 
Ok, time to hit the kitchen and whoop up some breakfast-all this food talk is making me hungryyy.

One Response to “Healthy Low fat Fall Recipes”

  1. Courtney November 19, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    Rachel! a) I really enjoy your blogb) I have a book that you might find interesting, maybe. It's called "Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet" by Frances and Anne Lappe. It's essentially about food, but the social impacts behind the food we eat (a lot of the impacts are in the developing world). It talks about organic food, genetically modified foods, fair trade, and some environmental movements abroad. It also has a ton of really healthy recipes in it! Check it out, you might find it interesting and it may be a new angle for your to take on eating healthy- if you want I can lend it to you after the semester is over (I read parts of it for a class).Hope all is well, and maybe see you over Thanksgiving?Courtney

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