EEEK! WHAT DID I JUST EAT??!: Detoxifying After a Rough Night

2 Nov

Ok, I have to admit-between me and my best friend together, we utterly, completely let ourselves go the other night. It all started when we went out to a Halloween party and the first thing we saw (unfortunately) was the snack table, filled with loads of candy, donuts, cookies and anything ‘n’ everything sweet. 


Grazing over the snacks, we both acted as though we were never going to get the chance to eat again. I frantically shoved everything in my mouth as if I were in a race-1/2 a gingersnap cookie, a chocolate chip cookie, the top part (aka the good part) of two chocolate Funfetti cupcakes, a chunk of a Reese’s cup that was on top of the cupcake. I think it’s safe to say that I went crazy and lost sight of all senses. 
As my friend smuggled a handful of Reese’s and butterfingers into her purse, struggling to zip it shut, I knew we had gone a bit over the top. Five minutes later, I felt a stomachache coming on as I glanced over at my friend who was hunched over by a bench, saying she felt nauseous and had to sit down for a bit. 

My God. How did we let this happen?

Yes, our inhibitions were a a tad off because we had a few cocktails, but YEESH. We could have at least stopped it at one cupcake or a cookie and called it a night, but instead we acted as if it was Thanksgiving dinner (gone desserts). 

Of course, it’s great to treat ourselves once in a while, but is it really worth it when it causes this much pain?

The next morning, we both woke up feeling blah, as we pathetically attempted to feel better by nibbling on toast smeared with peanut butter. 


Well I’m not writing this post to shame those who have a little too much fun sometimes (aka overindulge). I’m writing this because I’m sure many of you have had nights like this as well, or times where you just let yourself go, just a little too much.

But, no worries! I’m here to tell you what to do to patch up last nights mistakes!

1. Guzzle lots of H20: As soon as you realize the damage being done, grab water immediately. As soon as I got home that unfortunate Halloween night, I guzzled two large glasses of water before bed, and fortunately felt a little better in the a.m. Water will help flush out the toxins and make you feel brand new again!

2. Steer Clear of the Sodium: Salt will make you feel bloated, and most definitely will not get rid of that blah feeling. Keep your food choices simple and fresh the next day i.e. no processed crap.

3. Eat a balanced, healthy breakfast: Just because you’re feeling like a fatty doesn’t mean you should fast! Believe it or not, eating will actually help you feel better. But this doesn’t mean pancakes, bacon and greasy goodness! Instead, chose a healthy breakfast like egg whites with veggies or fresh fruit and some yogurt.

4. Load up on Fruit: Fruit, especially anything with high water content like melon, grapefruit and berries, helps clean your system out. Try to incorporate fruit into each meal that day, or snack on some between meals to cure the bloat.

5. Get Movin’!: Get off your butt to help move things along and sweat out the toxins! Go for a loooong walk, run, bike ride or anything to get yourself off the couch. Even though you feel like a big blob and just want to sit all day long by the tube, getting out will make you feel much, much better-trust me!

Feel free to add any more tips you find help cure things after one of  those days!

2 Responses to “EEEK! WHAT DID I JUST EAT??!: Detoxifying After a Rough Night”

  1. Morgan November 2, 2009 at 7:44 pm #

    wow that picture looks sadly a lot like the bottom of my bag sunday morning hahaaa


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