5 Good for Ya Things to Do In the Kitchen Today

27 Oct

1. Clean out your fridge. It’s time. You know it is. Organize all your fruits, veggies, meats and dairy. Throw out anything that’s old, rotting or just plain in the way. And get rid of that last bite of chocolate cake that’s been in there all week. Do ya really need it?

2. Make my healthy brown rice “pita chips.”  Have fun with them and dip ’em in fresh salsa, yummy hummus or just snack on ’em by themselves.
3. Make a cup o’ coffee with your coffee-maker ya rarely use, and drink it black or with just a dash of skim or soy milk. After all, do ya reallllly need all that cream and sugar? Skip ’em and get more health benefits from the natural coffee beans, without disguising the flavor in loads of sugary crap.
4. Blast some feel-good music (I looove the good ol’ oldies like Beatles or Tempations) and go to town in your kitchen, cleaning every nook and cranny. That dust that’s been there all month needs to go! You’ll feel great and much healthier after your kitchen is shiny and  new!
5. Once your kitchen is all spankin’ clean, cook something you never have before, like a vegetarian chili or some low fat corn muffins. Search up some fun recipes in your old cookbooks or online, then head out to the store to buy all the ingredients. You’ll have a blast trying out a new recipe, and who knows, maybe it’ll become a new fav?

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