Power Protein Spinach Salad *Vegetarian

13 Oct

This salad is a perfect vegetarian dish for an energizing lunch or dinner. Enjoy by itself or with a glass of red wine and piece of toast! 

-1 cup baby spinach
-1/5 block of extra firm tofu, cooked* (*recipe for my Italian Herbed Style Tofu here)
-1/4 c chopped walnuts 
-1/2 small apple, chopped
-1/2 medium sweet potato
-1/4 c tomato, diced
-1 TB olive oil
-1 tsp. oregano
-1 tsp. basil
-fresh lemon juice, squeezed (for dressing, according to taste)
-salt and pepper

1. Cook tofu according to recipe and in the meantime, bake sweet potato in the oven, or cook in the microwave on high for approximately 5 minutes.
2. Mix together spinach, apple, tomato and walnuts in a salad bowl or dish.
3. Add cooked tofu and sweet potato. Finish the salad with the herbs, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper drizzled on top according to taste!

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