10 Fool Proof Ways to Energize: How to Conquer that Mid Day Slump Once and For All!

2 Oct

Yesterday was just one of those days where everyone seemed tired. I work at an athletic club, and throughout the entire day, people just weren’t there usual, cheerful selves. They were coming in yawning, with bags under their eyes, looking completely burnt out. 

Even I found myself yawning and feeling EXHAUSTED by the end of the day. I frantically sipped on my hot venti green tea from Starbucks, desperately hoping for that extra energy kick, which sadly never came. One of my coworkers even had to settle for a Sugar-free Red Bull: that’s just the kind o’ day it was. 
I got to thinking and realized we shouldn’t have to pay 2$ for an energy drink to perk ourselves up, now should we?
Here, 10 ways to energize yourself (the natural + free way) when you’re having “one of those days”
1.Take a short afternoon nap if you can. I know you’re thinking, “Naps are for Kids,” but that is no longer the case. Naps can be for anyone, and a short 20-30 minute cat nap will work wonders for your energy level! Just make sure not to overdue your nap. Anything longer than an hour will just make you even more groggy. 
2. During your morning shower sesh, change up the temp from hot to cold to waken up your body! Maybe shower for 3 minutes at your normal hot temp, with little 5 to 10 second intervals of cold water. I know it doesn’t sound enticing now, but you’ll feel more awake than ever after! I tried it this morning just washing my face (hot, cold, hot, cold) and I already feel a difference in my energy level. (Plus, my face feels fresh and I’m ready to start my day!) 
3. Snack! Yes, snacking can be bad when you go for chips and donuts, but the occasional healthy snack is great for your metabolism and even better for your energy. Try eating a carb/protein combo during your afternoon slump, like a hard-boiled egg with some whole grain crackers, an apple with natural peanut butter or a homemade trail mix made of walnuts, dark chocolate chips, dried cranberries, dried apricots and soy nuts for ultimate energy! If your going to work, pack your own snacks, and try to steer clear from the vending machines and candy dishes in the office. 
4. Communicate with people throughout the day! It’s amazing how fast time flies by, and how lively I always feel when I’m chatting with people. Flirt, gossip, or even have a debate. Simply conversing with others will help you stay alert and perky as ever!
5. Guzzle the H2O ’cause when ya don’t have enough water in your system it definitely shows. Dehydration can make you groggy, and takes away that natural “glow” in your skin, so sip up my friend!
6. The obvious one-caffeine-is usually a go! Drink a cup or 2 of freshly brewed coffee or tea in the morning to make you more awake and enthused to begin your busy day! Try not to drink too much coffee during the afternoon if you can’t handle it, however. I’ve been up late at night due to the caffeine jitters. 
7. Move around! If you’re stuck standing or sitting at work all day, make sure to get your body movin’ and shakin’! Maybe do a few squats in the office, or take a little loop around the block during your lunch break. Sitting there all day will kill your energy buzz. 
8. Practice yoga or deep breathing. If you belong to a gym, I strongly encourage you to get into the yoga hype. It works wonders for your mind and gives you incredible energy like no other! If you don’t have access to classes, try deep breathing on your own or look up some at-home fun yoga moves online!
9. I know you hear this all the time, but eat a big breakfast! It’s seriously so vital for long lasting energy, well into the afternoon. Trust me, I know first hand what eating a measly breakfast or skipping it all together can do for your body. One time, I thought I “didn’t have time” so I rushed to an exam on an empty stomach. I nearly fell asleep during the test and afterward felt like death, dizzy and delirious. Don’t do this to yourself! IT IS NOT WORTH IT.
10. Hit the gym or go for a run! Working out reduces stress and boosts your mood, providing you with good-for-you endorphins! Even on those days you don’t want to get out of bed, or just want to go home at the end of the day, I urge you to push yourself to go to the gym anyway, because afterward you will feel absolutely fabulous!

One Response to “10 Fool Proof Ways to Energize: How to Conquer that Mid Day Slump Once and For All!”

  1. destinysara12 October 2, 2009 at 4:57 pm #

    Great Advice! I love it:)

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