Boil Up Some Farm Fresh Corn!

27 Sep

Yes, summer has officially ended and fall has begun (crazy to believe, I know!), but that doesn’t mean we have to end our favorite summer eats as well. Go grab some corn today at the grocery store or at your local farmer’s market while it’s still fresh and (semi) in season! Hey, summer just ended a few days ago; there’s no need to stop all the fun just yet.

The other day, I purchased 2 fresh corn husks at the farmers market for 50 cents a pop, and boiled ’em up today to have for dinner. I’m thinking I’ll eat one “on the cob” with a veggie burger tonight to savor that summer bbq essence. 

But there’s plenty of other things to do with corn after it’s cooked as well (off o’ the cob…) :

-Shave off the edges and cut it up into your favorite salad. Try some fun combos like corn, black beans, onion and cilantro atop some fresh arugula OR corn, chopped hard boiled egg, avocado and spinach. 

-Add some corn to your a.m. omelet for a mexi-flavor! Try corn, tomatoes, cilantro with a few TB of salsa for a spicy breakfast kick!

-Throw it in your homemade (or store-bought) soups for some extra flavor and touch of sweetness. I’m adding it to my minestrone soup tonight, but it would also taste great in vegetarian (and meat) chiles, chowders butternut squash soup and any other vegetable based soups!

-Make “healthy nachos” with organic low-sodium corn chips (Try Trader Joe’s Organic Corn Chip Dippers or Food Should Taste Good Yellow Corn Chips-all natural and low sodium), corn, black beans, tomatoes, chopped onions and a few sprinkles of low-fat cheese. Microwave or bake the tortilla chips up until the cheese melts ‘n’ dip in your favorite salsa for an extra zing!


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