Skinny Up Your Summer BBQ

21 Jul

So, yesterday I had my family 21st birthday party at my house. Now, being the health nut that I am, I requested healthy appetizers, entrees, and desserts naturally. However, for the first time, all the food was finished off and EVERYONE seemed to love it. (Reminder: This is extremely rare for my large food-loving family)

So, how do you make a healthy BBQ, yet still manage to keep the taste? Here’s some simple, little tricks for your next summer feast:

1. Choose healthy, limited appetizers, so people can save room for the main course.


*shrimp cocktail

*fruit kabobs (layer various fresh fruit with small cheese wedges)

*healthy bean dip (layer low fat sour cream, salsa, cilantro, beans and reduced fat cheese in a dish and serve with baked tortilla chips)

2. Offer various low-cal drinks


*Have a HUGE pitcher of water on hand to keep everyone hydrated ‘n’ healthy

*Light iced tea

*”Healthy” Margaritas: Use Sprite Zero and Crystal Light Lemonade to reduce the sugar drastically

3. Substitute the typical burgers and dogs for yummy kabobs.


*shrimp and tomato kabobs

*chicken and pineapple kabobs

*onion and peppers kabobs

Tip: Try different seasonings and light marinades on each one, to get new, delicious tastes!

4. Offer a healthy dessert so guests don’t overdue it

*sugar free jello layered with fruit and light cool whip

*fruit salad

*itty-bitty brownie wedges

Tip: You don’t have to cut out all your guilty pleasures; just keep the serving sizes small.


One Response to “Skinny Up Your Summer BBQ”

  1. chercroce July 24, 2008 at 1:07 pm #

    Rachel,We did love it! The healthy BBQ was a Great idea! Great bean dip and yummy grilled veggies!I enjoy your posts!Auntie Cheryl

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