10 Things to Be Happy About Right Now

10 Jul

1. Blueberry-picking season has begun.

2. The ol’ grill is now back in action (from steaks, to pork chops, to kebobs)

3. The fireflies are out again…and yes it’s ok if you still hold onto that inner child and catch a few at night.

4. Tanning season is here…therefore women can finally put self-tanners (yuck, orange looking!) and tanning beds to rest.

5. 4th of July firework shows continue throughout the entire month of July.

6. You can buy watermelon on sale in bulk, even it‘s most likely gone by the next day.

7. Corn on the cob never tasted so damn good.

8 Short dresses and skirts are now acceptable to go out in…and Uggs have been put away for the fall at last. (well, lets hope)

9. The beach…need I even say more?

10. Guys are starting to strut around with their shirts off, in minimal clothing.


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